Rescue Journal

saints welcomes theo

Alison  ·  Mar. 15, 2007

he is 14 weeks old, emaciated and was tied to a tree without shelter during these last terrible rain storms by a slip noose around his neck. theo was purchased from the auction as a practical joke on someone. theo didn't think it was funny.

so mo, before you start yelling at me, you can just yell at nicole instead who sent me his pictures...i could very clearly see that the rope was way too tight on his neck and his bones were sticking out all over the place.

theo is safe now at saints.



Jed is a good strong name and this calf and Jed both got rich didn't they!!


Don't worry Carol LOL soon Theo will graduate to drinking out of bucket. That's when the fun really begins. Keeping him from spilling the bucket can be a, "hold bucket very firmly with both hand and clamped between the knees" operation. Been there, done that LOL


ah yes...i am reduced to cookies, chocolate cake and the occasional yucky fish burger now. i can't be vegetarian cuz i hate vegetables but i guess i can be a carbo-tarian instead. someone should bake me a peach pie!


we will be giving theo alot of bottles... and yes you can feed the baby tomorrow night. i already told nicole she better be here early tomorrow morning to give him his morning feed, i don't think i can handle early baby mornings at this stage in my life. sigh, i thought i was done with all of that.

my real big fear is that once ellie sees that bottle, we are all in big trouble...sigh, i bought her some apple juice tonight just in case she absolutely has to have a bottle too. the last thing we need is a pig sized jealous of the new baby with a bottle meltdown in the middle of the freaking pasture, the neighbors will be sure we are torturing her.
good lord, the hoops i jump thru to keep the peace.


Ooops - just realized comment #12 went in under Janice's name cuz I was using her computer and forgot to log out and back in under my own name. Anyway, welcome Theo (or whatever your name might end up being if Mo has her way!) and I can't wait to meet you.
Carol, I'm doing the barn feeds tomorrow night - does that mean I get to give Theo his bottle??????? Pleeeassse?????


theo had 2 bottles of warmed calf milk replacer for dinner. he is tucked in snug as a bug in a rug in the new, dry shed that greg just finished replacing the floor in. he is so lovely. he looks just like bambi, and has THE most beautiful eyes. but omg, i am so glad human babies don't nurse with the same determination as calves do...poor mom cows, i thought theo was going to suck that bottle right up into his brain! i have to find him a big, warm fleece coat to wear tomorrow when he comes out, he was shivering when he got here today.


Okay, Ellen and I are at Hearts and Noses and Janice just spilled the beans to us and we are having a, maybe that is not a good expression to use here. much for those BBQ'd steaks we were talking about last night, eh Carol? Now you are going to HAVE to learn to eat your veggies!


Ha Ha Ha sounds like the jokes on me... not really though cuz... I never have much time these days to scoop poop the fields .. and if you guys thought horse poop was a hassel.. look out.. they don't call them Cow Pies for nothin... Welcome Theo... Where is Theo living ? I am assumming Winston & Jenny have made the move to their home ( I'm happy & sad @ the same time )

BTW I really dislike the name.. for personal reasons... any chance we can re-think his name ?


Yippee! I had been thinking about his sad face ever since I saw his photos.

Thank-you for taking him!


I have been reading your blog for quite a while now - and have to jump is as I am a huge cow fan! Theo will end up being a steer, a neutered bull. He is really cute. We have jerseys at the farm where I work and they are quite lovely and they don't get too big. He will have a great life! Just neuter him before he starts acting like a bull as they can be dangerous. Way to go!


er, sorry Theo. Not trying to emasculate you! A calf. And at some point a neutered bull?

er, and that won't emasculate you either Theo! sorta not. hmmmm. :)


in my defense Maureen, I really didn't think Carol would go for it. um... I guess I\'m sponsoring him.

Mo, I'll be bringing you some timmys and baileys on saturday morning as my apology.


Holey moley!!! A cow!!! See you tomorrow Theo!

hehehehe....I feel like jumping up and down!!


What type of animal is he maybe a pig or a dog? Whatever shape he takes good for you for saving him. In situations like this there always seems to be room. Poor guy so young and to have experienced such awful treatment. Sometimes life suck!!!!!!


Has the vet looked at him yet?? I'm glad you got him Carol he didnt' look very good at all in the picture. Do i dare ask wehre you have this little guy? lol