Rescue Journal

sunday at saints.

Alison  ·  Mar. 18, 2007

the dogs had a couple of really good runs and a beautiful evening blue sky for the last one. ellie and percy had a couple of nice walks with mo and then later with me (i guess one of my neighbors stopped their car in their driveway for a second look at mo out walking the pond with a calf and a pig)

percy is pretty sure i might be his mama, but he is not shy about checking out other humans just in case they have my missing utters! gosh he is adorable.

lola continues to be quite weak but she sure purrs up a storm when i hold her. pause most definately has had a large stroke, his balance is poor and his face is weak on one side. but he is eating and drinking well and mobilizing slowly so hopefully he will recover some more.

jean brought a great apple, pear and peach pie over, and that was what i had for dinner...mmmm kind of like a fruit salad!!!

and our volunteer heidi (also a friend and a nursing co worker of mine) who lost both of her very senior dogs in the last couple of years, has taken trev home for a foster trial. he was quite concerned that his a barney and balls were all safely stored in the back seat. he is going to be great company for heidi and alot of fun too and he needs alot of one on one time to help him grow up a bit too.

i am plugging away trying to de-junk my bedroom so i can stuff a ton of animals in there for the next week...the bathroom reno's are starting tomorrow and everyone has to be out of the workmans way.

good day at saints...i am off to have my last bath for a week...ouch!!!



If i ahd of been there i might of fought you for that dog. lol. I love his playful self.


that's great heidi, i hope everything keeps going well. I think you will have lots of fun with him.


trev is such a doll. He napped in the car, had a ferry ride (his first? then met my mother and her cat. It went like this; "oh what an adorable and loving dog, as soon as I get paid he's going to the groomers!" HISSSSS, GRRRRRR, HISSSSSS, GRRRRRRRR !##$@ dog!!. Trev was nice to the cat but the cat wanted to shred trev so we waited for dinner on the balcony. Trev was good out there while I ate, he was rewarded with some chicken. He can do stairs no problem and seems comfortable here. He even marked his territory(just one small spot on the wall) He slept well on comforter beside my bed. so far so good!!