Rescue Journal

gosh...we are all freezing tonight

Alison  ·  Mar. 20, 2007

the cold air is coming up from the wire doored closet in the cat room from the crawl space and from the hallway from the bombed out bathroom...amazing how opening up that wall has let so much cold air in here...this is worse than when we had tons of snow and frozen pipes! tonight i do wish the furnace still worked...i would blast that sucker for the full week and use up a whole tank of oil just to keep us all warm. the big dogs aren't too bad...i closed the door to the outside and the fireplace and heater are keeping them warm cuz they are at the other end of the house and away from the cold drafts. but the rest of us are freezing...i hope it gets really warm outside til the bathroom walls and floor are insulated and closed up again. EVERYONE is wrappped in fleece and all the snuggle safes, hotwater bottles and magic bags are in full use.

btw...nicole, can you add more magic bags to the wish list please? snuggle safes are good too but they are way more expensive and the magic bags heat up nicely in the microwave.



Hi,Sorry the renovations are not going well.hope it warmed up - I finally got to my e-mail at home . Nice to see the animal you have been talking about


sorry to complain was an easy fix to get warm again....i just shoved a long body pillow into the opening to the crawl space and covered the wired door with a thick blanket...viola! the temperature warmed up immediately...sigh, it just took me til after midnight to figure it out (i am slooooowwwww)


what can i do to help? I have lots of room, hot h20 and heat. There is a spare bed/bath too! hint hint carol if you ever need a break and can tear yourself away from saints. i can even manage leaky ones (i mean the animals, i hope your not leaky yet carol, but if you are i can manage that too! lol)can i p/u and do your laundry? Trev is doing great! He is such good company!!. i think he misses you though. He was very insistent about trying to get into a van like yours. let me know when i can bring him for a visit. maybe after b/r reno?? i can come out though, my mom loves him and will doggie sit.


It was a cold clear night last night too - I hope you all managed to stay warm enough. Do you need to borrow any electric heaters? My oil-filled one is at my rec property, but I can get my hands on some electric coil ones and a baseboard one if that would be safe and would help.