Rescue Journal

ok, no more deep breaths...

Alison  ·  Mar. 21, 2007

and panic is welling in my chest as i watch lola go about the business of dying. right, wrong, good, bad, meant to be or not, i simply can't bear witness much longer. i booked an appointment at the vet for noon today.



LOL And thats why I love you Carol!! Give Lola a rub udner the chin from me too.


ok..deep breathing again, panic receeding...lola has had her meds. had a drink, and looks perky now, kathy is here. she says she looks comfortable too...appontment cancelled, they do have openings for both thursday and friday if we need.
sorry, freak out week ahead.


I'm so sorry, Carol. My thoughts will be with Lola and with you. Lola is an amazing cat, so totally accepting and at home from the moment she came through SAINTS' door. May her journey be a peaceful one.