Rescue Journal

what a LONGGGG day!

Alison  ·  Mar. 22, 2007

almost 4 hours at the cast clinic but i now have a super duper improved air cast which can handle my cheating a bit better and i am now allowed to partially weight bear with 4 weeks i am free of the boot altogether and can return to work. wahoo!

poor colleen was stuck here being me all day and didn't head home til almost 7 pm.

lola is still weakly toddering around and had a couple of drinks of water on her own today while i was out. she just got up and had another and then went straight back to bed. nancy said harrison is quite dehydrated today, and spreading his chronic cold around, i will watch the sick cat room pretty close for the next few days, i haven't been in there much with all the construction outside their door.

well...i am bagged for tonight, i think i will not do alot and just flake out for this evening and then get right back into it big time tomorrow.

i now have a toilet, and water, a headache from my very long day and apparently the washer repair guy wrecked the washer even further cuz now it is leaking all over the floor....back to the laundry mat this weekend! oh yay.

editted to add...i just checked harrison, he is perky enough to bite me when checking his hydration level...he had a bite to eat and a drink while i was in there...not too worried about him tonight but i will watch him anyway.



Chris, I'm betting Carol's computer did the same thing as mine - it's waiting another couple of weeks before it switches to daylight savings time. Except now I've convinced it that we are on Mountain Standard Time instead, so it reads correctly - until it automatically switches in a couple more weeks.


Carol, have you considered selling your washer and dryer and replacing them with a good old dependable Kenmore set? I have always been happy with my Kenmore appliances, and wouldn't have any other. Sears service is exceptional and you wouldn't be left dangling for weeks on end with broken machines.


omg!!! i had the best sleep ever....11pm-7am and i did not wake up even once, that felt good!


I and everybody merrily went about the day till those 2 electricians showed up. ( the wall and floor gutter outer guys are quite respectful of the old guys, and moved gingerly around them....and gave Michael and Dex head pats when they went by today :)awwwwww! )

But those young electricians were moving too quickly for the old guys to get out of the way. One had the audacity to grab Michael by the collar and try to pull him away. GRRRRRR said I. He ( the electrician ) backed away slowly, making sure not to look me directly in my face.

They opened up the sick cat room door to plug in a light in the room and Jessica and Romeo said "hey man, thanks!" as they scooted by. I scooped them up and told him he can't let those cats out because they are ill. I unplugged his cord and told him he'd better go find an extension cord in his truck. Not a minute goes by and his partner comes in and opens the door again and re-plugs in their damm light! grrrrrr! I stomped around the corner and re-explained.

Then one of them opens the cellar door to go to the attic to drill a hole somewhere and leaves it open...I heard the door open and not shut and I whipped in the room to explain that he can't leave that open because of curious cats. He said "well how am I going to open the door when I want out?" I said "I'll let you out". I FELT like saying " you will stay in there until you learn".

sidenote: do NOT buy a Bosch washer.

Percy....awwww Percy. :)))) What a 100% lovebug he is. I gave him his dinner bottle and afterwards he wiped his foam all over me then got down on his haunches like he was praying for more, then leapt up and reached in for a chin and side face scratch.

Carol came in a bit later, gave him another half a bottle and smooched him all over his most cutie pie face. I wish he could feel his momma's love, but he's got so many mama's....he's in heaven.

Ellie needs to learn patience at dinnertime. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Swinger needs to learn that nipping Gideon and *trying* to nip sheep is silly stuff.

Spritely needs to learn that kicking at the stall door does not make one move faster with grain.

Rest easy Lola.

No "poor colleen". I enjoyed today, as I do every day spent there. The only thing I have to gripe about is the rain. Come'on sunshine!!!!