Rescue Journal why?

Alison  ·  Mar. 27, 2007

if as a rescuer, and if as a is my job (depending on which one i am doing at any given moment) to be responsible for my own practice and level of competence and knowing what i am doing and doing what i say i am doing...then how come this isn't true in the rest of the world????

the washer repair guy was here again today. he replaced the seal in the is still leaking. he told me the reason it is erroring 2 is because my cold water lines are probably dirty and there isn't enough water pressure, but my hot water pressure is tonight i did laundry in hot and it is still erroring out. they have told me before it is because we must be using too much detergent, we are only using the recommended one tablespoon. exactly how many excuses can they come up with to continually shift the blame off the machine and on to us....hello???that machine does not work despite their frequent trips up here and despite what they said about hot water vs cold...maybe the machine is just broken and they can't figure out how to fix it. and why is this my problem?

and then my contracter phoned tonight, and he has figured out that they have lost money on the quote. so he will have to charge me more but if i will haul away and clean up the demolition mess, he will be able to charge me a little bit less of the more. well, i have a broken ankle and i don't own a truck and i will just have to pay someone else to do it and so where would i be any better off paying someone else and why is this my problem anyway?

the lino that we put down at great cost in the dog room is lifting for the third time in a year. they put us on the work call board 2 weeks ago and still no one has come to repair it. last time it took them 3 months and many booked appointments that they never showed up for. the two repairs they finally got around to look like crap.

gosh i get tired of being reasonable and fair and polite and understanding and patient while other people mess around and then leave me holding the bag. i would like to know why exactly i am to blame or responsible to fix stuff that is not what i profess to be some kind of expert at. i care for sick human patients and i care for old animals and that is pretty much all i profess to do very well. what i really want to know is why do i even tolerate any of this for a second? why am i not on that phone telling them all to get up here and meet their responsibilities and just quit with the excuses? i don't care how good they say they are, i don't care how lucky i am to have had them...what i care about is pretty darn simple, a flat well adhered floor, a nice working bathroom done the way they said and a washer machine that doesn't leak, actually spins out the laundry and omg can finish an entire cycle....the rest is just hot air and BS.

bosch says they make great (and expensive) machines and my contractor said he could renovate my five foot bathroom well for a ton of money in a week (not the two we are heading into), and wayco promised me nice floors for a big chunk of change. and i swear to god i am so fed up with misrepresentation and out and out lies and the bag being tossed right back at me to hold onto until they finally get around to doing what they say they actually don't really do.

if i nursed or rescued animals anywhere close to this level of incompetence and lack of responsibility, i would pack it in and pump gas for a lifetime of no harm instead.

anyway, i will tell you why, because i am a freaking door mat til i get fed up with being walked all over.

i am pissed, patient carol is taking a vacation tomorrow, the pissy carol is going to town.



I agree with Cheryl, Carol. Go over everyone's heads and get some satisfaction. As for the bathroom guys, did they give you a quote in writing? Anyway, if you can get one of the men to help, I will bring our truck out on Tuesday and load it up with the remains of your old bathroom. Just point me in the direction of the dump.


You should quit horsing around with your local Bosch dealer and go to the president of the company with all your information ...we did that with an appliance we were dissatisfied with and we were amazed when shortly later we had a new've put up with enough and I know several folks with their Bosches and they adore them so your lemon needs to be replaced...pronto.

Chris T

Perhaps writing some pointed letters and threatening the BBB at least with the flooring and washing machine people might get some results. Ultimately though I think you got a lemon of a washer and they should replace it. You have endured enough.