Rescue Journal

wow, i had a great day.

Alison  ·  Mar. 31, 2007

some of my most favorite people were here and they brought some of my most favorite dogs. roxie and levi who are just right at home in the barn and out in the fields, mable mae came for a visit (but would not touch any of our food and treats!), shaun, was here being his goofy, happy self, sandy was a gawd awful muddy mess again, and i got to meet sheila and leila's new foster dog and she is so very lovely!!!!

all the work got done and some boring business attended too and we even sat around in the afternoon sun with all of the dogs and drank a beer. i didn't drink all of mine cuz phoebe was bugging frodo on my lap so i poured some of it on her head and then she stopped bugging him. i don't know if she thought getting beer poured on her head was a good thing or not, she sure seemed to like licking it off herself which also kept her busy so she forgot about frodo which was the whole point of giving her some of my beer unexpectedly.

at one point we had 16 dogs with us down in the lower pasture and that was pretty darn cool. i watched from the hill as they played and ran around and just got to be dogs surrounded by people who all thought they were pretty darn great. that is the saints i feel in my heart when i don't let the rest of the world distract me.

ellie and percy are the very best of friends, they were even cuddling together laying out in the grass. tunie took ellie's house again today, but boy did she move back into her own place really fast the second she saw that ellie snuffling her food bowl. the horses all got groomed and polished and so did the baby calf and baby pig. i wish carl would let us brush him up too because he has been rolling around in the shavings. mosie is a water dog for sure, but she had too many runs today, she is out of shape. she couldn't get up tonight to go pee til i helped her up to her feet. hopefully the pain meds will kick in and as she gets more active she will also get stronger.

my very favorite image today, was rounding the corner of the house to see colleen standing with wilbur in her arms, he was looking for someone and she found him.

i put brand new linens and pillows on my bed and i am going to soak in a really hot tub that happens to be in a really nice bathroom. and i hope that those cats that are currently napping on my nice clean bed, do not hork up a hairball before i can enjoy it!

ahhhh, it may just be a perfect day!


Carol is in the garbage now colleen, you snooze you lose around here (ok you weren't exactly snoozin more like workin your butt off), but you still lost cuz they were good before stripe got at them!

of course the carnivore clan wasn't all that impressed, maybee wouldn't touch the fake meat...she said "where's the real beef???"!


I should have stopped what I was doing and had a taco when they were ready. But then I saw Stripe nibbling in the container ( and even that wouldn't be THAT horrible and wicked ) but then she walked in the container....all I could think about afterwards was the litter box she probably strutted out from beforehand......*hairball noise comin' from me*

As Mo said, Mosie sure must have been lonely before. She talks and talks and talks. All the dogs like her...They know what she is saying... they know her life and her pains and her being unrecognized as a sentient being for so many years. Welcome to true love Mosie.

Deb and Chris...I left with a big hunk of the cake you made....OMG, de lickin' fricoius!!!


do you guys like root bear floats? i have never had one, i always thought they sounded gross....except tonight i think they might taste good. anyway if the weekend folks like root beer floats, i am thinking that next saturday i could get some rootbeer, ice cream, tall glasses and straws and make them. ( it isn't as culinary impressive as nicole's vegie tacos, or debs fluffy sunshiny cake...but even i can manage rootbeer floats so i thought i might try them if you guys are game.)


Mosie is an absolute sweetheart , she is ready to absorb any love & pets she can , & she really seems happy to be with all the dogs & people. I think she must have been very lonely for very long .. I hope she isn't too sore tomorrow, I could see & on our 2nd walk she was getting pretty tuckered.

What a nice day, isn't it great when the sun comes out : - )

Chris T

I really enjoyed feeding my cinnamon bun to Wilbur, Buddy, Sissy, and Jack. We all had a good time. They seemed to really enjoy it too!