Rescue Journal

pause died at 12:30 today

Alison  ·  Apr. 1, 2007

he had another stroke and this was was a big one. pause was not a saint. he was my cat. well, really, he wasn't mine, he was my youngest daughters. he was left behind the last family home we purchased and he simply and completely fell in love with jenn. i was never pause's favorite person, he tolerated but really had no use for me. but when i moved out my ex said to take him with me because pause always had trouble actually finding the litter box. he had some minor brain damage.

i feel really bad that one of my own animals died in a shelter of unwanted pets. but even if pause didn't really want me to be his human, we managed to be friends just the same. today he died in my daughters arms, here, at home, on my bed. the vet came out and helped him to pass and he died in the arms that he loved best.

my daughter was crying and asked me to save him, that maybe with time he could get better again. then she asked if we just couldn't just leave him and let him die on his own. but in the end, she held him, and and watched him pass from this life.

if a 23 year old can find the strength to do this for a cat she has loved for most of her life, why do others die alone?

it is a very sad world.

rest in peace pause, you were a great friend to my daughter.



Pause was a wonderful cat who landed with a wonderful family . He will wait patiently for those he loves ( that would be Jenn ) at the rainbow bridge .


Carol, Jenn, everyone canine, feline and human who loved and lived with Pause, please remember the love and happiness you gave him, and he gave you. Many die alone. Pause, thankfully, did not. Carol, please send my sincere regrets to Jenn.


My condolences to Jenn.

What a magnificent final gift he was given with Jenn to be with him as he passed. Rest well Pause.


My regards to you and your daughter ...may Pause be waiting for your daughter on the other side. It is a difficult experience the first time you hold your dear companion and watch them cross over. But it is something your daughter will never forget and she will be stronger for it. I believe we have a deeper understanding of life and death once we go through this... RIP Pause...


he was doing well after the first one i figured he'd be around for a while. i am so sad i didn't go in and bug him yesterday.

Chris T

Rest peacefully Pause. You are free now. I am sorry for your loss Carol. Please pass on my condolences to Jenn as well.


Rest in Peace Pause. I'm so sorry Carol and Jenn. What a lucky cat to find you both.