Rescue Journal

let it snow...not

Alison  ·  Apr. 2, 2007

it is very pretty when it snows up here, and i know it will all melt by noon but...snow in april?

i poop and scooped a third of the upper pasture last evening but not only was i getting tired, mosie was too. everytime i went for a forkful of manure, she went with me and laid down while i scooped it up. then as i wobbled back to the wheelbarrow, she would struggle to her feet and wobble back with me...we made a good pair. after a wheelbarrow full, i felt sorry for both of us, called all the dogs in and called it quits for the night.

today, since colleen is here, i was planning on finishing that upper pasture and doing the dump run too. i will probably still do them both but neither is as much fun in the sloggy, melting muck. plus, today i was planning on ditching my air cast altogether for a few hours and trying to re-learn how to walk without a limp. i do not want to be limping when the cast finally comes off for good because i have in my head that once that cast is off i am no longer an active member of the crippled crew and a left over limp will wreck that.

i phoned the flooring guys again today and started off the day being mean. i asked them if there was a particular reason for them to be ignoring me and my lifting floor for months at a time and they said no there wasn't. then i told them they either get up here and fix it or they rip the whole thing out and do it right this time because a high quality floor that needs four major repairs in barely a year was not properly laid in the first place.

mosie looks like she has dumped 10 pounds of fluid, her belly isn't as round and she can walk better, but of course there is always a price. she has to pee every hour on the hour. hopefully 3 days of a higher dose and then dropping her down to a low maintenence dose will keep the fluid off altogether AND not tire her out with too many pee breaks.

still snowing out there...ok, it can stop now please.


Chris T

It was even snowing in Maple Ridge this morning and all the way through Coquitlam this morning. Maybe it is a late April Fool's joke!!!


I will be off on annual leave soon & I plan on raking up all the old hay on the field, we'll haro & seed the upper field & then, that's it, the cloven hoofed beast will be sequestered to the lower pasture until mid-June. This will affect the method used to clean the barn... well it will affect my method anyhow , I lock the beasts in the top field so they can't approach the barn. Come on Sun... please !!!