Rescue Journal

my new favorite place

Alison  ·  Apr. 2, 2007

i didn't do the dump run, i didn't scoop the field. the flooring guy finally came, i have yet to move the piece of wood in there to check his work, but i will! i spent the day moving all of my stuff back into the bathroom and organiizing my new shelves with my personal towels and linen...oh yay, no more finding my bath towels in the cat beds, my sheets soaking up muddy dog feet at the sliding doors and no more finding my bed quilts with bill's or dexter's or whoever laying on them in contented comfort. i have a bathroom that belongs solely to me and my stuff, no animals allowed..... i wish i could fit my bed in there too!

tonight during my much anticipated hot bath, i read 3 chapters of "the call of the wild"...i quite enjoyed that!



yes but i was going to help by getting some of it gone before then so you didn't have to stuff your truck up like a...i don't know what.


I'll do the dump run on Wednesday. Didn't we already agree that it made sense for that to be one of my chores?