Rescue Journal

we went for a little walk today too!

Alison  ·  Apr. 2, 2007

rocky stole percy's bottle and i had to RUN across the field to wrestle it away from him.

mosie went for a polar bear swim and then whined non stop because she was wet and cold. then she fell down the hill sideways and finally was knocked over by jazz who was charging thru the gate.

dexter went insane and started running around the pond, thru the lower pasture, up the gravel path to the barn, back thru the upper field...i finally stood up from the bench to see what the heck he was up to, when all of a sudden he spied me and ran right over as fast as he could...ooops, i guess he was looking for me.

i like our walks better than deb's and angelina's...i am never going on a walk anywhere but here with those two!