Rescue Journal

ellie does it again

Alison  ·  Apr. 3, 2007

one of my daughter's apparently after meeting ellie last weekend, no longer wants to eat pork. she was not the least put off eating lamb or chicken or beef and she met the sheep, chickens and the adorable jersey boy. but somehow ellie got to her...good job ellie! she actually said she is coming back up here when ellie is big, fat, ugly and can't walk cuz her feet are too small to be a great big pig so that someday she can eat bacon again. i just laughed, ellie won't turn into the ignorable monster she thinks she will, she will always be ellie, our sweet pig friend with her oh so human eyes, she just will be an even bigger and better friend then she is now.



* BIG smile *

A friend said that after Percy gets big and ugly I'll go back to beef.....I said that Percy will NEVER get ugly!! and that the no-beef deed is a done deal for me.

Ellie got me with the no pork, Percy got me with the no beef, I never did eat lamb, but if I did I know the sheepies would get me on that. I barely look at the chickens cause I know if I did....and hey, I can cut out most and slowly cut it to none. It's been easy peasy.

You're right Carol, Ellie's eyes.....