Rescue Journal

a poke in the eye

Alison  ·  Apr. 4, 2007

i was up a couple of times during the night because michael just absolutely had to go outside right that very second. anyone who has seen michael frantically trying to open the closed front door with his tongue knows that the very same attempt on our wire gates is going to get someone out of bed pretty darn quick. i am tired this morning and i have those ugly black bags under my eyes too.

i was feeling very warm and fuzzy towards sam and endora last night too because sam kindly slept on top of the dresser and endora sweetly slept curled up under my neck giving tiny little, gentle, not completely awakening kisses all night long. gosh she is a lovely, lovely cat. anyway, my warm and fuzzy's disappeared this morning when i was trying to choose my socks for the day. sam reached over with his paw, hooked me under the eye with his claw and said "good morning carol, come closer for a good morning nudge"...he thought he was being friendly but geez that hurt!

i am not looking, but i bet my right under the eye black bag is bigger and darker than the left. oh great, i get to go into town today with a limp and a black eye, all i need is to lose a front tooth and i can toss "my hill billy comes to town" sign right away, no point in stating the obvious.

greg found some great, cheap shelving units at Rona for $25 each, he put 8 on hold and i am picking them up today and then our new storage/tool area is almost complete. we are putting a fridge in there and if anyone has a decent small, light and easy to move loveseat or a couple of comfy chairs, we are going to set up a corner of animal free space for the volunteers to kick back in and relax and chat in between working their butts off up here.

tunie is choked again, her bed has slowly been getting smaller so i am off to buy her another big bale of straw before she rebels altogether (or janice visits and gives me heck once again!)

maybe at the feed and building stores they won't care too much about my limp and black eye, maybe they will think i look normal and not funny....not funny ha ha, but funny, hill billy wierd.

thx for the poke in the eye sam, you made my day.... not.



Yes , TWO bales Carol lol. And my truck is available for a load up from maple ridge for what ever to bring out Carol, as i msut meet Percy , see how big Ellie is and police I mean visit Tunie. Will bring clippers as well. but don't tell Tunie that. Please admimisnter beer to Mo first then Tunie. ;o)

Gail Glover

Carol: I apologize for Sam's behaviour, but I do think he was just wanting your attention. They used to sit on my mom's lap (together) and she would brush them by the hour. Unfortunately, she has completely forgotten about the cats. The good new about my mom is that she finally got a bed in the residential care unit of the Ashcroft Hospital - she got there Monday, I am so happy that now I can visit her regularly. She still has some "spunk", but the trip down from Prince George was very hard on her and she was quite confused. She was a registered nurse at that hospital for many years, so most of the "long time" staff members know here (even if she doesn't remember them) and I know she will be getting good care. It is a load off my shoulders, as was finding a loving place for Sam & Endora. I don't think I can thank you enough for taking them and Sam better mind his manners!!


yes please we want that is better for the multi-purpose room cuz it all matches and is nice. will that stuff fit in my van??? cuz i can come into town and pick it up and finally see my beloved box babes too!
ok...i will share the bale with ellie, percy and tunie, but tunie gets the bigger portion cuz she is sore and old. percy is chowing down last night and this morning like he has been starving for days on end, geez, he only got a late light breakfast yesterday, it is not like we withheld food completely!


I have a comfy chair... it's just getting it out there that will be a problem.. do you still want the shelving I have ? oh yea, put straw down for percy as well... it is better for his Owie.. less dust etc etc etc