Rescue Journal

is it a full moon???

Alison  ·  Apr. 4, 2007

there are 4 dogs and a cat trying to get in here today...all from different homes, all seniors, all in desperate need. i will take the sick one with the crappy skin, she is in long term discomfort. i will take the biter who's mom died and has bitten someone at the shelter she was brought to today...i will turn the rest away because i have to and the others aren't sick or biting. it sucks and i am sorry.

it must be a full moon because jack is insane. i put her up on the couch with me to watch "idol", she had a really good roll and rubbed her face on every inch of me and then all of a sudden she sat down and peed alot. that was (not) fun, i had just finished my bath! i cleaned myself and the couch up (i should have been wearing leather like the couch, it would have been easier) and put jackie to bed where i decided the leaky beast now belonged.

jazz made a really good attempt to nail me in my forearm after her bath. i was combing her out and suddenly she decided she had been brushed enough. she got my shirt and barely clipped my arm because i happen to be pretty darn fast. a simple growl or getting up and walking away, would have been just as effective. occasionally she is such a bag.

so on this maybe or maybe not full moon night where the world has suddenly gone insane, i am drinking a gourmet mint hot chocolate with a good dollop of mint chocolate baileys to numb the sting of the rest of the world's maybe full moon madness....i gotta tell you, that OMG, this stuff mixed together tastes good. it is too bad that i can only handle one, a gallon might actually do the trick.



apparently there is a couple of loads of dog coming, but we still need cat food.


The moon was full on Monday, April 2nd at 10:15PM.

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