Rescue Journal

saints welcomes chicklet

Alison  ·  Apr. 7, 2007

who is a beanie look-a-like except chicki-poo has a bottom jaw. lovely, lovely little dog, and her skin is really not that bad considering the quality of her diet.

we met sammi who is a senior dog looking for sanctuary, we just don't have room for her right now. sammi's family was quite concerned about possible aggression, but i think that mostly sammi has been misunderstood in the past. she is just a strong dog who communicates this when she meets others in the park. she did wonderfully well here meeting all the saints.

i thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the hill with mo, nicole and some of the dogs. we were watching carl, percy, ellie, and the three horses enjoying themselves down in the bottom field. percy was nibbling on my hair today, gosh he is just the sweetest little guy. ellie forced herself into the back yard when tunie was making her exit. there is no point in arguing with ellie, 4 apples tossed back thru the gate made a really effective bribe.

tunie had a great day laying out in the sun, she has just taken herself off to her soft bed in the barn. we found a great house for her (thx janice and pam!!!) and hopefully we can get that out here to her in the next week or so. tunie is going to love a summer house all to herself out in the quiet back yard.

it was a nice day today, thank you to everyone who was here and helped out.



Oh wait till Tunnie gets a look at those Princess Digs!!! That will look so cute up there!! I am very excited for her. Oh and for the seniors i lay a large peice of carpet on the floor before i add the straw/hay so it helps the old ones get up easier being a hooved speices on these hard flat surfaced floors. I had a ton of carpet udner the hosue that was all destroyed but will keep my eyes open for a peice 72 x72.