Rescue Journal

easter monday at saints

Alison  ·  Apr. 9, 2007

mo and greg harrowed and re-seeded the upper field today. the farm guys are kicked out of there til june or july til it has a chance to grow thick and lush. field management is a tricky business. there s a place i drive by that has a large acreage but with way too many horses and absolutely no caring or rotation of the pastures. it is now a very large, very muddy acreage. the horses look bored to tears, they can't even amuse themselves with grazing anymore. mo is on a pasture management crusade thank god, she will keep our fields healthy and in good shape for our guys. just don't get her started on ellie. everyone knows "The Exterminator" ...we have our very own "Excavator" who has to be managed along with the fields, but ellie is alot cuter than that actor is (you know, the one who is now the governer of california, sorry his name escapes me right now) altho she will be even bigger and stronger (and smarter) than that guy was in the movie.

i lost wilbur today. not lost as in dead, but lost as in misplaced. i was thru every building on site twice, in every yard and field several times. he came out into the yard when i took the dogs for their final run, and then poof, he just disappeared. i finally concluded in full out panic and tears, that those bloody eagles had swooped down into the front yard and stolen him away. i had just started crying when i went back into the house to call chris and deb and tell them i couldn't come for dinner cuz wilbur was gone. i went into the bedroom and closed the door so the other dogs wouldn't see how upset i was. i found him standing behind my bedroom door. he heard me calling for him. but blind little wilbur does not know how to back up, he just goes forward. so he was patiently waiting there for me to find him which i eventually did. i was so very happy he was alive and safe behind the bedroom door. and i still got to out for dinner too.

little chicky baby is like the cutest little dog since molly perfected her pilates routine. i came home tonight and chicklet flew to my leg and bounced up and down on her back legs to be picked up for a cuddle. she sure makes you feel good to come home. jack was stuck in the water bowl again, i hope she wasn't waiting too long for me to save her. she hadn't tipped the bowl over yet so i think she had just gotten stuck. poor jack, totally and completely out to lunch, but happy to have lunch many times a day.

my daughters are in the process of winning the trust of a very skinny, unneutered street cat. he is missing a great deal of fur from a flea allergy. i stopped in at the house tonight to meet him, his eyes are wide, wide open and his pupils are huge. he is struggling against his natural inclination to run. i saw him there a couple of years ago and he was in decent shape, and asked if he was a new neighbors cat as he slunk thru the outskirts of the backyard. my ex said he thought someone owned him but he came thru the yard alot. i think he was a stray even back then. so he has a fair amount of wildness in him from so long trying to survive on his own. but the girls can now touch him so he is not a feral, and they will get him up to the vet this week for testing and neutering and vaccinations and then i guess he will become a saint. there is no way my ex will let a sketchy spraying ex tom street cat live in the house, he, like most of the rest of the world is funny that way. anyway, this cat has a great face, so we will have to find him a great name to match. so...whoever you become, please don't spray in my house...i will still let you live here if you do but i would rather you refrain from decorating and odourizing my house because even i am funny about that and prefer you find something more positive to do instead. like nap. i like cats who nap.

there is a very, very old dog, whose owner is going into facility care. i guess i will invite them up for a meet and greet, and a very frank discussion too. if the dog is too old and frail to make the adjustment, it is kinder to euthanize him in the arms that he loves then it is to turn his life upside down at the very end. i hate these kind of situations. it is such a struggle to get it right.



I can't wait for the field to start to grow , I've always loved a fresh new field & the gang will look so wonderful when they are allowed back up... as for Ellie, well my goodness , that is one happy , the world belongs to me kinda pig... with an very strong & determined nose...field management gets tricky with her helping.