Rescue Journal

saints welcomes tom (maybe)

Alison  ·  Apr. 10, 2007

tom is an 18 yr old daxi. he came for a meet and greet today. he is age appropriate healthy, alert and aware. he is very scared tho, he very clearly said, "please don't leave me here"...i could have cried. the daughter interpeted to her father my concerns that at this point in tom's life, it is so very important for him to feel safe and loved. the father said over and over, he could not put tom down. i agreed to trial tom here til the weekend, but if he wasn't comfortable here by then, he could not stay. i do not want to torment this utterly sweet and gentle ancient little dog in his very last weeks or months. bonnie is WAY to enthralled with little tom, she wants him to play with her and stay close to her. i finally sent her out to the kitchen so the poor little guy could have a nap. she is sticking her nose thru the wire at me and whining to make me change my mind. gosh she has the most adorable and expressive face!

it was a very sad day today. too many realities, not a fairy tale in sight.



Moring Carol and the rest of the Saints. Welcome Tom I hope you settle in at Saints it is a very nice place, a little noisy at times but wonderful. Pizza nights I hear are something else and the Timbits are great too, plus all the love and affection you can handle!!! Be patient, I know you'll miss your Dad but Carol and all her angels will take care of you.