Rescue Journal

i might either have to shoot cole, or renovate the dog room.

Alison  ·  Apr. 11, 2007

killing cole would be easier, sigh. he has taken to laying in front of the fire at night. it is the perfect picture of retired dog in heaven. except the gas fireplace is right next to the slightly open sliding door that the other dogs can use to freely access the yard. cole is a cop, he is like the security guard of the world with rules for everyone else except himself. so no, they can not go in and out of that door when he is relaxed and enjoying the warmth of the fire and a nice evenings nap. he doesn't say anything, he just looks at them with those icy blue frozen eyes and considers if they are stupid enough to even think of going past him. they always decide not to.

i know when he is doing it, i can either hear them barking at him to get out, or barking to get back in. even jazz won't walk past that reject to the frozen northern wilds. which is kind of funny cuz cole when he is disciplining, goes at them shoulder to shoulder so he can make his giving them crap noises while he is mouthing and tugging on the fur of their necks. he never actually bites anyone, he just nags them to death and none of them like it very much. and frankly jazz, even if she is blind and deaf, could clean his clock in a second. i think she smells the quiet, wildness in him and misses the actual mostly all for show, so she doesn't even try to get past him, and this i find pretty amazing cuz jazz is tough as nails.

when i hear them trying to get in or out, i open the window and stare right back at him and yell, "cole! you let rocky back in right now!" sometimes he does, but sometimes he doesn't and just lays there and looks right back at me and says "no". grrrhh! then i have to go in there and stand between him and the door. rocky is having a hard enough time with housetraining, the last thing he needs is cole between him and the door, and if he does get out, his coat is short and it is cold in the night time up here too so being stuck outside is not alot of fun.

that blonde, blue-eyed,uncooperative, silent, bully, wanna be wolf-dog is a royal pain in the butt sometimes. oh well, i will out smart him so the others can get in and out. i just have to think about it for awhile cuz he does like that fireplace. quality of life for cole and the others, means another door into the dog room i suppose, but it would just be easier to shoot him. if i was really mean, i'd just turn off the fireplace but sadly i am not.

gotta go, the vets just called...mosie cn come in this morning for a fluid tap. bet she doesn't like it much, fingers crossed that it helps and keeps her good for awhile.



ha ha lynne, greg said the same thing and he is going to install the doggy door this week on that other side too!


Or, slide open the other side of the patio doors (and close the one they use now) so that dogs going past Cole will be further away.


Maybe you should get one of those portable electric fireplaces and put it at the opposite side of the room for King Cole!