Rescue Journal

when an animal companion dies and leaves us, they make room for another.

Alison  ·  Apr. 12, 2007

since my cat pause died, i am in an odd position....i don't have a cat and yet i love and live with many. hmmm, i have been thinking on this and what to do. i have been struggling with if i should adopt one of these guys here, and i think well what is the point? they all live here anyway and the ones that already love you, love you, no matter what. and i can't adopt all the ones who love me or that i love because then i would just adopt the whole darn place.

soooo.....i have been trying to figure this one out. it is pretty safe for me to choose one of the ones here, there is no risk involved. i know them thru and thru. it is the choosing part that becomes hard. so i made a list of who really, really loves me and loves me so very much that they can never leave here without devastation. one cat ended up on that list. it was julie. and since i love her as much as she loves me. julie is now no longer a saint, she is mine.

but, in truth, pause's leaving created a space in my heart that julie can't fill because julie already has part of me that was separate from him. and since pause was never a saint, and accepting him as our family cat when he was unknown was as much as a risk for both of us as any other adoption in the world, i think his space that he left behind for me to fill, should belong to a stranger.

soooo...i now have 2 cats. julie who loves me and needs me and i feel the same for her and a new guy who i haven't met yet but is coming here soon. i am in the process of adopting a one eyed, old stray cat from a shelter out on the praries. many of their cats never find homes and finish their lives in a shelter that has no choice because their communities just don't care enough yet about the numbers of homeless cats.

soooo... carol, tyrajane and tally ho braveheart hine would like to welcome two new additions to our small family of misfits who live in a sanctuary for the homeless...julie and hook. we already know that julie loves us and is happy with us and we are hoping that hook feels the same. hook will be arriving sometime late next week.

nicole can you please move julie to the adopted page? i think pause will be happy that his spot was big enough for two.



well truly nicole this home gets checked many times a day by many different people, it is a freaking revolving door around here. and that is why the animals like it here so much. lot's of checkers for them to check out right back.

christine, hook is coming from the sask. pairie. like everyone else who have lost everything there, he is relocating to BC!

and rae i am so jealous, gosh i miss the little babies.


Congratulations Carol on your new family members. I hope you'll post a picture of Hook when he arrives(I love the name!!) I'm fostering a beautiful cat right now named Flower and her 4 babies(about 12 days old) This is a brand new experience for me and I am relishing each moment with them!!!


YAY!! Good for you Carol! What prairie did you adopt your "stranger" from?


um... who did your homecheck. (I am so lame!)

hook is a great name - i will move julie and put up the new guys aswell.