Rescue Journal

i have been struggling with mosie

Alison  ·  Apr. 14, 2007

she is just having so much darn fun. she loves the pond and last night robbed me of my donuts while i was asleep, stripe knocked them off the counter for her. she loves all the attention and company too. i can control her pain with the tramadol and she actually feels pretty darn good. but she is coughing and choking more and more as the fluid keeps building up in her lungs and the lasix is not moving it out again.

so....we either help her to pass today, or we try to hang on and have fun til tuesday because these are our choices if we want a home euthanization which i know mosie would prefer. (she gets scared at the clinics).

i think for mosie we better be safe than sorry because sorry could be really bad if she can't breathe... so today we'll make sure she has a great day. we will take her for lot's of swims in the pond and i will pop into town to buy her a pizza. and then this afternoon we will hold her and whisper, what a really good and special dog she is as she finishes her journey here at saints.

we all love you mosie, you are a great, great dog.



Yes, as like my Barney... who was eating ice cream and closing doors on us his last day but was unable to breath when he tried to lay down. sigh.. it is so difficult but in the end it was the only thing left that i could do for him.

Rest for a little while Mosie then rise to your heaven and run with the wind.


I wish Mosie had come to us sooner, and was leaving us much much later. Enjoy your pizza Mosie & hugs to you & Carol.

Another SAINT goes in peace & leaves behind a whole crew of people who love her. I will see her in the pond forever.


mosie is a great dog, we had a pretty good day yesterday with all those tennis balls. please give her a hug for me (or atleast throw her some more tennis balls) as I can't come out today.


With my soft spot for yellow labs, I am so very thankful that you have given Mosie so much fun and love for her last few weeks. I hope her journey today is smooth and peaceful.


i gave them all thru last night and this morning too...she keeps coughing and choking and bringing up fluid. it is not too bad yet but it will get worse. she is full of cancer and has been for quite awhile, nothing works to clear out her lungs and the tramadol just ensures that it doesn't overly distress her.

and here is the rub...happy labs and retrievers aren't like the rest, they don't slowly just slide down a peaceful slope. they struggle and fight to squeeze in every second of fun even if it really hurts them to do it. i don't want her to crash and have her heart hurt on the day that she tries and she can't.


I haven't met Mosie but I have really enjoyed your tales of her time at Saints, Carol. She sounds like a very joyful dog. What a wonderful last day she will have, it does sound like safe would be better than sorry for Mosies sake. have a wonderful day together!!!