Rescue Journal

a street dog named desire or the lady is a tramp

Alison  ·  Apr. 15, 2007

Whaaaaat? yep. little miss maude who at 14 yrs old was too old for people to adopt from the pound but is not too old to jump the fences, run like the wind and throw absolute prima dona spaz fits, got lucky today. i was sure she was spayed (no sign of previous nursing pups, no enlarged vulva from giving birth and a senior dog without mammary enlargement pretty much equals a previous spay) until she jumped the fence, ran over to the neighbors and was caught red handed in the act of of reproductive ecstacy with the unneutered newfie across the street. i hauled her home, lecturing the entire way that saints do NOT have sex with the neighborhood newfies or anyone else for that matter. she proceeded to come home and play cutesy with all the neutered but still very interested males that ought to be well beyond that kind of interest and apparently aren't. i am pretty much willing to let them have any kind of fun they want in their very twilight years...but not that, there is absolutely no way!

i could just die, i cannot believe we have a street dog named desire hiding out here. oh well, the cat is out of the bag now maude, you are going in for an operation as quick as we can arrange it. and you can kiss your days of casual sunday afternoon sex good bye, forever...geez, you didn't even know that dog, he was a total stranger this morning.

everyone knows my first favorite saying is...old but not yet dead...but come on here, she's got to be like 80 in human years, geez maudie it is time for some decorum for gawds sake!

and speaking of acting your age....we had our first saints picnic today. i swear to god that little 8 pound, 18 year old tom, ate three times his weight in cake. he was trotting up and down the sidewalk trying to keep nicole and her cake filled hands in sight and he got more than his fair share too just by virtue of being so very old and tiny.

i tried to share some of my cake with molly and i gave her a small peice still attached to my fork. the shark attack was freaking lightning fast and she disappeared thru to door with my fork sticking out the side of her miniscule mouth, never to be seen again. (nicole found it later stashed in her bed, she was probably planning on poking out someones eye.)

ellie loved cake, she thought that was the very best thing she had ever eaten in the whole entire world. i think she liked it so much because it was thick with icing and was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted.

except for the sex thing which i am still really upset about, it was an almost perfect day. we had great friends and visitors and the animals had one of the best days in their entire lives. well...i am pretty sure maude did, cuz she sure looks happy tonight.



At least she picked a Newfie! I mean, it's not good at all, but it shows she has some taste!!


can you imagine if tiny poor little 18 year old tom (who is unneutered and going to stay that way cuz he is much too old for the surgery) had his way with her, holy crap, he could have had a heart attack trying!
it is a good thing all he was interested in was cake.


Heh Heh us hope for out twilight years!!! Hopefully we won't have a Carol out there dragging us away from our good times...

Are you sure you were not jealous??? That big hunk of a newphie must have looked pretty hot to her..and most likley a much younger stud!!
Way to go Maudie!


You're going to have to have someone and come in to do a talk on Safe Sex. Perhaps free condoms in a dispenser in the bathroom. There is never a dull afternoon at Saints!!!!


oh yeah, senior rescue is an absolute riot....and no, the fun for maude never ends either ( at least it hasn't til now!)


Maudie, Maudie, Maudie! What a little spitfire you are. At least somebody's getting some. :)
All kidding aside, this is really quite scary. Good thing you noticed little miss hot pants getting her groove on, Carol. A pregnancy at her age could have killed her. Or at least a normal 14 year old dog. Which she isn't.
The fun just never ends for you, does it?


well i thought it was jazz or michael because they both occasionally have very minor bleeds from their slowly progressing cancers (rectal for jazz, and bladder from michael) both of us were checking the wrong body parts on the wrong dogs. who would have thought any 14 yr old would go into heat for gosh sakes! leave it to maude.

and here i thought her playing with cole and rocky this morning was cute! it is not cute anymore as far as i am concerned.


hmmmm...that explains the occasional droplets of blood on the dog room floor the last couple of times I was there. Maaaan, there I was checking feet!

Maude you hussy!!