Rescue Journal

who is saying what today

Alison  ·  Apr. 15, 2007

i spent the night on the couch, not for any particular reason except i fell asleep watching "maverick" and sharing milk duds with bonnie and tom. anyway, it wasn't a great idea cuz i just woke up with headache day two and since headache day one didn't feel all that great, i expect today won't either. saints is not the place for a headache because of frantically excited red whirling wonders and starving to death big baby pigs. ellie understands the "gentle, i have a broken foot" thing, but not "shhh, honey, please, my head really hurts"...phebes can't hear a GD thing when she is busy shrieking her head off.

maude has decided that cole and rocky are the best guys to play with. cole plays right back, rocky just barks at her and says "i don't know what you are doing, so stop it and please go away"

tom is asking for his breakfast early. he prefers a regular personally served breakfast, lunch and dinner, rather than this "feed yourself at will" free feed thing. but dexter likes the "feed yourself". last night he knocked over a full red tub of cookies, and apparently helped himself with his midnight munchies for most of the night. this morning he said "thanks for leaving the cookies where i could get them, i really appreciate that so thanks again"

if i could say whatever i wanted would be to everyone,

"don't move around fast today, it makes me dizzy plus i am going to step on someone and fall and either hurt me or you"

in fact, "just stay asleep unless you have to pee and go pee outside for a change too but then go back to sleep right away"

i would also say, " if you can't sleep all day today, then please don't bark, don't yell and no screaming cuz you are excited or hungry, just wait quietly and everything you want will all still happen even in silence"

and finally i would say to everyone, "be nice, be kind, be quiet, be slow, be continent, be gentle and patient, especially anywhere in the vicinity of me"

sigh, i wish everyone listened to me as good as i listen to them.



if i had thought about it and could have seen into the future, i would have said simply...NO SEX FOR SENIOR ANIMALS TODAY (NSFSAT)