Rescue Journal

what a beautiful day!

Alison  ·  Apr. 20, 2007

as soon as i get thru all the cleaning, feeding and chores here, i am grabbing a quilt to lay on the hill while the dogs play in the pond. it better not cloud over! oh and i better finish scooping and pooping the riding ring too. ellie is so funny, she doesn't eat much hay but she thinks the piles we put out for everyone else are conveniently located sunny pig beds. and percy is over night, he has sprouted up into a little cow boy! gosh i will miss his sweet baby ways, we better enjoy his calf-hood because it is going by way too fast.

the big dogs are all patiently waiting for runs in field and the little guys are waiting for their canned food, so i better get moving and quit going slow or soon jack will be in a royal panic.

i hope everyone has a great, great day...i am planning on a really great one out here today too!



Yes it is a beautiful day! Absolutely luverly!

Hope you and the crew's day was all about soaking up the rays and swimmin'!

And yep I did have a great day....thanks for hpoing that. *grin*