Rescue Journal

busy day today

Alison  ·  Apr. 21, 2007

the cleaning got done, barely, the laundry is almost finished. i got into town and managed to stock up on paper towels, pop and water (all critical for a busy shelter). and don't ask me why but i forgot to buy bleach...yikes! i think we still have a couple left so maybe it can wait til early next week.

tom was beside himself tonight from a lack of quality lap napping time because on top of a busy day, i went out for sushi tonight with cathy too. he is currently moaning and groaning under my arm as i type just so i know how important this is to him that he gets enough snuggle time.

hook arrived late this afternoon, and i am never doing the air travel thing again, it's too stressful. i learned from the fiasco of picking up phoebe the ropes and the rules to the airline cargo thing. so i present myself to the cargo counter just as the plane arrived and i waited and waited and waited some more and no hook appeared in a crate despite the staff's assurence that he would appear very sooon. finally after more than an hour and the plane had already taken off again, i looked way down the terminal to the baggage claim and spied a lonely little carrier there all by itself.

OMG!!!! he thinks he is alone here, abandoned in a big empty i limped up there as fast as i could. and there was his little one eyed face staring at me with this tiny little questioning meow. i got him out to the car and then had a good look, and the eye that was staring right back at me is NOT 8 or 10 years old, that eye is like ancient...hook is 16 or 18 or more cuz i know my really old aged eye signs. and then i felt sick that this ancient, ancient one eyed cat had to travel by scary plane from Saskatchewan to BC. i am a terrible new very old cat mom.

but hook is a tough one, we made it home safe and he is ensconced in my brand new and very small but nice bathroom. he likes his bed under the sink and he likes his dry food, and he really likes his fancy feast. i bought him three matching bowls for water, dry and canned food, and his very own, soft baby fleece for his bed, and a few toys that belong just to him so he knows that he has a home even if it is in a homeless shelter.

so i carol hine, welcome hook to my personal family and nice new bathroom, i already know he is a perfect fit and so does he. i am going to have a bath tonight, even tho i already had one this morning and read him some of "the alchemist" out loud. i bet he likes that alot too!



Well Hook you must be a very special cat if you are residing in the new bathroom. Welcome home Hook!


Welcome Hook. Your life just got exponentially better.

I wondered how long the "no cats in the new bathroom" rule would stay in effect. Longer than I thought.... :)


I am glad the newest member of your family arrived safely Carol. Hook, you are one very lucky cat - may all your bad or sad memories soon be far, far behind you.


ohhhhh!!! he has little rounded bear ears, the tips are gone from a distant frost bitten past. i think hook has had a hard, hard life. hope he likes this new one alot better.


i honestly don't care that he is really old, i just would have been too afraid to fly him out here had i known. oh well, he made it and i am glad. he is a lovely, sweet guy.


YAY! I'm so glad he got there safe and sound! I'm sorry he's 10 years older than you expected, but obviously it was meant to be this way. He needed a soft place to land, thank you for providing it Carol, 8 or 18 an older animal should never have to worry about being homeless!
Of all the soft places to land, he found the perfect one with you!