Rescue Journal

the hotdog from hell

Alison  ·  Apr. 22, 2007

in my good moments, tom is a hobbit. in my bad ones, he is a foot long wiener with feet. i am tired! he is a demanding master, "hold me, feed me, anticipate my every need" i catered to him til 3 am and he awoke me again at six. i had to feed him cake for breakfast cuz i dared not to pop open a tin. every dog and cat with ears or a nose would have been on me the second that tom got some canned food. this early in the mornng. the last thing i need is desperately starving hordes of jack, wilbur and agile, jumping cats who hear or smell their much beloved food being delivered several hours early, whaaaahooooo! yet tom needed something to tide him over til breakfast and the cake was the quietest, least smelling i could find.( it did work well as a sneaky treat by the way)

tom only has two commands that he seal barks out, over and over, despite time of day or of night...feed me, feed me, hold me, feed me again please,.... this morning i think he is a foot long weiner with feet. i am exhausted and have a full day of working and more waiting on king weiner, so i bet the cute hobbit image doesn't appear too often today.. altho..... he is kind of cute right now as he sleeps draped across my lap...too bad the cake didn't sweeten his breath some, but i guess alot of kings maybe had bad breath too.

anyway, there a born to serve, server out there, just waiting for a small and hungry despot to feed? is there someone who needs to feel needed and neccessary and doesn't seem to need much sleep? cuz if you are out there and need a new weeney boss, i know the perfect match.

and i really need to get more sleep.



Tom sounds adorable - as does Hook! :-)
Are there pictures? I can see Tom's name, but where the pic should be its blank... It might be just my ancient computer acting up though...
Looking forward to meeting them both one day. :-)


LOL Chris, I would take him, Dan and I both think Doxie's are SUPER cute, and like I said, London would dote on him hand and foot! She'd tihnk he was the cat's meow!

Chris T

Be careful what you wish for Christine! It is not that far to go!!! I met him and he is adorable!


If it wasn't so far for such an old dog I'd tell you to send him to me. I LOVE weiners! And I am a stay at home 3 year old would dote on him all day!


Guess Tom's life of misery has ended. For a dog who had his heart broken, it must feel like he has reached the promised land. Now that you are going back to paid work, the last thing you need is to be the on-call lady-in-waiting to a terror in a weiner suit.

Maybee Baby is looking less and less Diva-ish all the time. :)


Maybe the old guy used to get up at 3 am so Tom does too , me thinks you need a stash of pepperoni sticks udner your pillow. ;o)


ratz...oh well, a door slams shut in your face and a window opens somewhere else....actively seeking open windows!

Chris T

Before you go there...Tom *is* not coming to our house!! We have our own little 'feed me despot' here!