Rescue Journal

Molly does her Pilates!!

Chris  ·  Apr. 23, 2007

Oh my god! How can one tiny, tiny dog be so cute!!! Molly did her stretches this morning to the chorus of me and Angelina saying "stretch it out" in this high-pitched, playful voice. Now, for those of you who know me - this would be no surprise. However, for Angelina this is very unexpected! You see Angelina likes big dogs, especiall pit bulls and now she has fallen head over heels in love with a long-haired chihuahua. Molly will spend her senior years sleeping in bed at night and being carried around like the princess she is! Welcome home Molly...stretch it out...



Molly is one of those rare Pombull Terriers. Gotta watch out, they can *snap* at any time.


oops. apparently now pit bull and pom start with "M". no more "P" dogs is what i meant. sorry.


she LOVES ground beef and she takes her pills soo easily. she really is a little land shark. lol. a pit bull and a pom, no more m dogs k? please. lmao.


Maybe you could get a shirt made that says "This one's just a snack for my real dog". LOL

Ok, I'm kidding, we can't help who we fall in love with ;)


I'm going to try to help Angelina get through this very difficult time (she is in love with a POM, I'm still trying to wrap my head around that). Do they make "My Real Dog Is A Pittie" shirts? I'm going to get a video camera, I swear I am, just to tape the 50- 100 times I see Angelina cuddling this hamster on steroids and saying, "Oh Molly you are so sweet." or "Oh Molly I love you." Who is this young slave to a little dog, and what did she do with Angelina?
We took Molly to the dike with us today. She followed Angelina the entire time. Then we went to buy her some accessories, cause a princess needs her bling.
Molly is terribly, terribly cute....

Chris T

Deb told the guy at Haney Building Supplies that she was a pitbull. Apparently it did not go over very well...


ahhh...true love, that is what this is all about.
you know angelina, i lie all the time. i used to tell people that wilbur was a mini mastiff because i didn't want to be caught dead in love with a pug. besides, molly looks more like a hedgehog than a dog so tell everyone she is a rare iranian, toothless, prickle-free hedgehog that can bark (sort of) might be surprized how many actually believe you.


omg i dont think i could wear it though. lol. she is a very beautiful pom. I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL!!!!!!! she slept on the bed and woke me up with her teeny tiny little bark to go outside to do her thing. no accidents on the bed!!! she is now curled up in her little bed at the end of mine.


'Kay, she's a Pomeranian. Angelina is in love with a POMERANIAN and the first "I love Pomeranians" t-shirt I find will be bought and sent to Ang. ;)