Rescue Journal

ready, set, go....

Alison  ·  Apr. 23, 2007

and here we go again...a life of continuous challenge continues. i had my back to work meeting today and i am back to work on a return to work program tomorrow. i have 3 weeks of shortend days to learn to walk without a limp, do my job and manage the work at saints before i am back fulltime. it ought to be an interesting learning experience esp. because i have to do daily logs of pain and swelling. oh gee, how do i decide what is work related and saints related...i can't so i'll just deny both and get back to my life. if dex can still live his life with that cancerous growth on his hip, i suppose i can live mine with a sore ankle and as little complaint.

that's why i love dogs, you can't be a wimpy weeney when you live with them because they aren't wimpy weenies either.

so....i did manage to get thru all the cleaning and feeding and i was gone from 10 am -2 pm, this bodes quite well for continued success, but i did miss everyone while i was gone and they missed me too. we might have developed a co-dependency issue between the saints and i over these last 4 months of hanging out. but co-dependency's have to be dealt with if one wants to return to ones job. i am really excited to get back out in the field and see my clients again. there will be a ton of new people for me to get to know and for them to learn to feel comfortable with me as their nurse. i like building new relationships, except when i am tired. and i get pretty tired up here at saints. so work is my access back into the real world, and it balances out the animal life. i think i am less mentally tired when i actually get to do both.

so here is to my return to my whole entire life, one that is filled with saints and my job that i love. and thank you whoever for giving me both and please don't mess with either again cuz i didn't like that at all.



This is the stubborn Terrier chick sending a message to YOU Carol: Do your pain and swelling journal for your ankle!!!

Your animals need you to continue to heal.

(pretty please) LOL


don't worry,...i am really afraid of heights (i might fall) high diving for me, i am a paddler by nature, and i am a pretty effective paddler too!


Good luck tomorrow. Please try (hard) to ease yourself back into the routine you once had. You can enter the pool just as easily from the shallow end as the high diving board, you know.
Enjoy your return to "normal".