Rescue Journal

can't sleep...

Alison  ·  Apr. 24, 2007

it's a worry night. i am worrying about returning to work and caring for everyone up here too. i am worrying about vet bills and the upcoming fundraiser.

i try to not worry, and have the grace of blind faith, but frankly i suck at gracefully having blind faith. but i am really good at imagining all that can possibly go wrong and ruining a perfectly good sleep.

ratz, and this would be the one night that tom sleeps so well. why can't he be a needy pain on my worry nights and sleep like a babe when i sleep well?

sigh, cuz he is an ancient old dog and ancient old dogs like to do it their own special way. even when it wrecxs a good sleep.

2 hours til the alarm goes off...should i go back to bed or should i just start washing floors?....hmmm, i will try bed first, maybe the thought of mopping will bore me to sleep.


Chris T

Good morning Carol! I hope you have a good day. Everything will work out because we will make it work out. I will talk to you later!


ha! counting sheep sucks cuz i have personally only known nine, and counting to nine does not get you too far...but thinking about mopping does cuz the floors around here are endless.
i got more sleep because of that mop and tom stayed asleep too! and hey man!!! the floors are not too bad this morning ( i did a quick mop and spot check before i went back to bed, that was a pretty smart thing to do)