Rescue Journal

home again

Alison  ·  Apr. 24, 2007

ok, i am tired and bad ankle is sore and swollen, and i know that is all nursing stuff cuz i haven't even started on saints stuff yet.

and why on earth do people put in that stupid aggragate concrete with all the pretty stones? do they have any idea how slippery that stuff is when it's wet? no wonder i am sore, i was pussy footing around on slippery walkways trying not to fall again. that surface ought to be illegal. anyway i did some wound care and med management today to get back in the swing of things and a little bit of teaching and a dash of support and it was a pretty easy day as far as nursing goes. i could have started reading the 459 emails that came thru while i was away, but i looked at the list of them all and decided i'd pass until i work a full 8 hour day.

phoebe is not letting me out of her sight and neither is lexie or bonnie. tom is already curled up on my lap so it feels pretty good to be home. it is still pissing down rain so i haven't seen the barn guys yet but i'll see them when i put them to bed. and frankly they only care that someone is here at feeding time and to let them back into the barn....ok that is not entirely true...the babies like to see me once in awhile just to say hi, but i am sure they will eventually outgrow that too.



i bet if i had cheated even sooner, i would already be over the tiring limping thing! the surgeon said, swelling and pain for the next year is to be expected, so i guess i am finally somewhere inside of normal as far as recently fractured go.

Chris T

Sorry to hear your ankle is bugging you. Can you wear your airboot for a bit and will that help? I bet you are wishing you were not in such a rush to weight bear a couple of months ago!