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i am struggling here to find myself or at least come up with a new somewhat accurate name.

Alison  ·  Apr. 25, 2007

i can't really be a blossoming vegetarian because while i no longer eat meat (sorry chris and deb, i am off organic humanely farmed meat now too, so i can't come for dinner anymore, but i can come for dessert!), i also don't eat vegetables except salads (and those not very often either). sooooo... this puts me in a word defining quandry, what do i call myself?...a non-meat eater? a meatless person? meat-free? an occasional saladatarian?, they all sound stupid. so last night i ate a vegie burger and tonight i ate potato perogies and peas. just like when i was a kid, i fed most of the peas to tom, bonnie and chicklet, except my mom isn't around to yell at me now. but the point is, i did make them and i did actually eat some of them just not as many as the dogs. now i guess i can qualify as a possible vegetarian in training. plus i made enough peas and perogies to have again tomorrow, so three dinners in a row with some kind of vegie might just let me fit in a somewhat limited vegetarian role....oh! i can eat beans on toast on friday, and tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich on the weekend and pretty soon i will hit a whole week of some kind of vegies on my plate. i don't really miss eating meat all that much, penny, ellie and percy have made that part easy but gosh it is hard to think up stuff for supper when i really don't eat many vegetables either.

sigh, if i had vegetarian chef here, it sure would be much the way, the vegie burger was gross.



Dr. Oetker mushroom pizzas are my favorite lazy dinner!

(I add artichoke hearts and olives....YUM!!)


My hubby is partly vegetarian but eats fish and seafood..but he really likes the fake chicken burgers at IGA. He didn't find any veggie burgers he enjoyed but these ones he feels taste just like chicken...he has been semi vegan for 11 years now and doesn't feel deprived...has made me cut way back on my meat comsumption too. There really is and endless list of them. Last night we had vegetarian samosas..yum they were great. He is thinking of cutting out the fish also but wants to ensure he gets enough protein elsewhere...lentils etc are good for that. Good luck


M&M's vegetable lasagna is excellent and comes in single serving sizes, ready to nuke. Doesn't get much simpler than that!


And I must be use to meatless now because I like the whitespot veggie burger.


Dr Oketker Frozen Pizza - there is mushroom, spinach, and tomatoe. I like this pizza better than some takeouts. California rolls sushi - in the deli section of the grocery store. Most stores will sell meatless lasagna in the frozen section. Oliverie Pasta in the grocery store and just above it wil be pesto sauce, alfredo sauce, and a few others. You can also get ravioli stuffed with cheeses.


Carol, the key to eating veggies is to hide it in stuff REALLY small. Get out the blender and whip it through. That's what I have to do with my older girl. You can make spaghetti sauce with lots of minced veggies and you still get the health of the veggies, but not the flavour :)
Other ideas could be vegetarian chili, or meatless lasagna (I know, those are both cooking, but maybe you could buy a lasagna and chili's really easy with a crockpot)...I should ask Dan (my husband), he went vegan for a year.
Puree, puree, Puree that's the key to sneaking in veggies, and once they are there, you can't pick them out. If you make yourself a bunch of single sized servings and freeze them, you'll eat them because they are quick and easy!
Good Luck

Chris T

You can still come for dinner and we will serve you vegetables!!! MMM, won't that be good!!!

Seriously though we can still eat meat and you don't have to. Or I can make you my world famous tofu stroganoff. We can make meatless quiche. Most of my curries are also meatless. So there, you can still come for dinner!!!


I'm another "vegetarian in training" and two of my new staples are Pete's Tofu in Teriyaki sauce (the only flavour I really like) and the Patel's and Chef Chopra's Indian entrees. The Indian entrees are shelf-stable (but check the date) and all of them I've seen are vegetarian. My favourite CC flavour is Paneer Makhani - Indian cheese in Butter sauce (as in butter chicken - with tomato and cream - but no chicken) and my favourite Patel's entree is "Cottage Cheese in Spinach Sauce" (Palak Paneer). Of course they aren't as good as home-made or a good restaurant, but I think they are about as good as a takeout place, if you like Indian food. The bad thing is that the Patel's spinach has a hideous amount of saturated fat (I think 100% of daily recommended amount). We keep a bunch of these in the cupboard for quick veggie meals. They are about $4 each.

The Pete's tofu is in the produce aisle at most stores, but it makes me feel somewhat obliged to stir-fry some vegetables, and I hate cooking after work! I keep a few of these in the fridge at any time though.

My other winter staple (but it grosses my husband out) is a kind of cheater casserole made of Yves Veggie Italian Sausages, sliced up, combined with cooked rice (quick type) and some canned diced tomatoes. You can also add kernel corn for a bit more interest. Nuke the whole mess then grind fresh pepper on it. At least there are *some* vegetables in it.

Another item I could live on is pasta with really good sauce. I add sauteed mushrooms and zucchini to the sauce and throw some broccoli florets in the pot when the pasta is nearly done. But I never make that after a long day.

I'm lucky in some ways because I rarely get bored of eating the same thing again and again! (ha - I bet half the people reading this say "no wonder, your tastebuds are probably malfunctioning!" ;)).

Looking forward to meeting everyone at the Silent Auction!


i ate the triple o whitespot vegie burger tasted ok but the texture was slimey and soft


You can still come for dinner, Carol. We don't have to eat meat, and I was a Vegetarian for several years, so I can produce edible meat-alternative dishes.
The dogs will be pissed....they will think you are holding out. Maybee is not a Vegetarian.:)


hahaha oh Carol i agree it is hard to figure out what to eat and i dont' cook..much so i live on crap like peanut butter and raisen bran. Grilled cheese is cooking .. lol


are you around saturday? i'll bring out some good food for lunch.
What burger did you eat? there are very few that are edible, but once you find one you like you're good.