Rescue Journal

we made it thru the day in one piece.

Alison  ·  Apr. 29, 2007

it ended up being a good day today. the animals all had a nice day. the work all got done with some very generous help. i sold a few more tickets to the fundraiser.(i think we have about half of them sold now) my kids took me out for sushi for my upcoming birthday and gave me some nice bath stuff to enjoy in my nice new bathtub, some music and speakers for my computer. i really enjoy being with them all, they grew up into really good folks!

dex was choked when i got home because he got gyped out of the evening run. he laid out on the cement staring at me and refusing to come in. eventually he figured the walk was a no go and then barked to be let back in to his bed. sorry dex, i know you don't have alot of evening walks left, but you had like half a dozen runs in the fields today!

tunie was great when i went to get the barn guys supper ready. she sat at my feet and contentedly chatted away. her back leg is quite sore for the last week or so, and i was trying recoverery without much improvement. janice said i could try her with bute or asprin, but i decided to use the quatrosol instead since it is easier on the stomach. she did have a small walk out in the empty pasture, and i am cutting her evening feeding back even further. since she is even less mobile then she was before, her weight is just not going down. so i gave her a very few pellets but supplimented it with some banana and apple and then sprinkled a bit of her favorite melba toast on top and she was quite happy with her supper. janice suggested i bulk up her meals with lettuce but i keep forgetting to get some. i will try to remember tomorrow.

tom fell in love with emma today (she adopted jenny the cat awhile back) and i think the feelings were reciprocated too. she is going to check with her strata council about possibly fostering tom for us too. i hope they say yes cuz tom would love it with her!

maudie is finally settling again so i will be booking her surgery for within the next week. i want to get her done and taken care of because i am getting too old for worrying about geriatric dog fun and games. lol...i know she is settling and ending her heat because she is finally looking and noticing me again, i have been virtually invisible for the past couple of weeks.

i have to say that despite others claims, it is wilbur who has the worst farts in the world. he is laying in his basket underneath the computer desk and just about gassing me to death. i am thinking about hanging one of the pine tree car air fresheners under there with him in self defence.

have i said today that i am so thankful for ellie and percy and i don't begrudge their part in my meatless existence one bit. percy is just too darn cute, soft and sweet. and ellie is like having some kind of alien but equal friend. amazing creatures these two, what a wonderful gift they were to all of us here at saints. was a beautiful day with a ton of warm sun for us all to enjoy AND the pasture grass is finally growing really well now. (i am still waiting for the front and back yard patches to sprout and grow too, the seed bag said 5-7 days!)



If i can Carol what time will you be home on Tuedsay or let me know which day is good for me to come over and see Miz Tunies toes again. A day when we have some strong hands avail?

One measured cup of pellets a day , so half in the mornign half at night. Apple ( suger) should be no more then one quarter of one a day. Bananna 2 meas 1 inch slices per day. Lettuce, spinach, beet greens, dandi lion leaves, If you meas her pellets her lettuce portion can be half of a head a day. And laps.. she needs to do laps every day. Treats should be suger less might I suggest air blown popcorn hold the salt and butter girls. Scatter around this will get her up and moving around to eats them. Maybe your barn help could place a handful in every stall so she has to move to every one of them to find them. A pigs treasure hunt. Rice cakes instead of melba toast (suger) trying to make some fat free suggestions and some motivators. A manna ball woudl be good for her .. home made anyone? Plastic milk jugs work.

I have another farm pig problem and fixing this mess will also define my week as well. Roscoe needs a home...