Rescue Journal

whining and complaining

Alison  ·  Apr. 29, 2007

some days you just know are going to be a challenge before they are barely started. PMS, a very sore back, a slightly sore ankle and not a drop of bleach or milk in the house. i should have gone to the store yesterday afternoon, but i was too tired and now this morning, too tired sounds a heck of alot of better than today. oh well, i can fix 4 of of the 5 things that are bugging me with tylenol and simply driving down to safeway. i guess i won't complain too much cuz that is like an 80% improvement over this particular moment i guess.

where did the sunshine go? everyone told me it was going to be sunny all weekend. well my weekend ain't over yet until i go back to work tomorrow so the sunshine still oughta be here right now!

cole had me up twice last night. he was sleeping in front of the dog room door again so rocky and bill both snuck out past him but wouldn't come back in while he laid there and stared at them. i had to get up and stand in front of cole so they would come back in the door. rocky is a bit of a worry wart goof, but bill knows his way around the world pretty good. i know for sure that cole while laying there so quietly, was sending out messages that said they couldn't come in and bugger on off. he is such a toad.

dexter, michael, and jess are still on the watching list. jess while a little bit better is just not throwing off her lastest cold. her eye is still bad and yesterday i added drops before the ointment to see if flushing the eye is more effective at getting to all the inflamed surfaces in there. gosh she is a worry right now. she is on antibiotics, antivirals, autoimmune boosters and still not making a whole lot of progress. this is starting to remind me of shades of hester's and lola's final battles and this worries me even more. and jess has been fighting her ill health for more than 4 years, she is going to get tired of fighting it one day too. this sucks.

dexter had a great day yesterday. several walks, lot's of sticks, and some swims. at one point i saw him toddling down the hill after his ball. he had perogies twice for a snack plus his full canned lunch and whatever everyone else fed him around here yesterday too. he slept alot when he wasn't eating or having fun but he is still comfortable i think at least he feels good enough to do the things he loves.

michael has started with this gross diarrhea thing. i thought it was dexter but nicole saw yesterday it was mike. it is pretty foul. so i started him on flagyl just in case it helps. but i suspect it is a bigger problem then that. his stiffness and twisted arthritis is making it harder and harder for him to walk. he pretty much just gets up to go outside or to switch from one bed to the next. very rarely does he guard the food bowl anymore, altho sometimes he still does just in case we forget. another couple of weeks, a month maybe? we still have room to move up his meds as needed so we will see how he feels with a new increase, hopefully well enough to hang around and be a troll some more.

ok...better go and get dressed and buy the bleach cuz ain't no cleaning happening til it gets here.



johanna, take care of yourself during this. You have been so wonderful to and for her.
I hope her passing is quiet and peaceful for the both of you.


i wondered how she was fairing johanna. she has had a good long life, and you have ensured that the end of her journey was as welled loved as the start. hugs to both of you.

Chris T

Hopefully she will rally Johanna. Sometimes they do. We will be thinking of her!


Hi Carol and all the wonderful people connected with Saints.

I'm not sure how to start a separate category on this blog, but I just wanted to ask everyone to think happy and positive thoughts for my lovely lttle Pippa to-day.

She is not at all well and I think she may be sipping away. She is only drinking a little bit of water and has stopped eating. She is not in any distress or pain and spends most of her time quietly sleeping in her bed with her hot water bottle. Even the big growth on her mouth dosn't seem to bother her. I think she may soon slip into a coma.

If she is still alive this evening, I will take her over to see Eileen, her previous owner and perhaps to say good bye. The good thing (well not really good) is tht Eileen herself is quite confused and doesn't seem to realize how sick Pippa is.

Hopefully Pippa will die quietly here at home as I don't want to have the vet come or to have to take her to the emergency clinic. She's such a quiet dignified little dog that a quiet dignified death at home seems in keeping with her gentle personality. However, if she does show signs of distress or pain, I will certainly rush her to the clinic.

Thank you everyone for thinking of my little Pippa to-day. She is a beautiful and very special little dog.

Please wish her well.