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Happy Birthday Carol!!!!

Chris  ·  May 1, 2007

Happy birthday Carol! I hope you have a great day - full of warm and fuzzy bathrobes and hot baths. Oh and shoes that have not been peed in, floors that have not been peed on and that you don't step in anything sticky and gooey! Strange birthday wishes I know!

Seriously though...have a great day. We will have you over a vegetarian meal that does not involve vegetables. I am not sure how we will accomplish that but if anyone can we can!

I did hear rumour of a cheesecake...



Happy Birthday Carol!!!

I hope you got what you wished for this day. :)

Jack, Watcher, Ruger and the foster nutbar pupper Shaun also send their doggie best wishes!


Happy Birthday from 100 Mile! Think of you often, and keep up with your adventures on your blog. All is good here...if you hear of any adoptable goats, I'm looking!


mmmmmm!...i think so far i am getting like 4 birthday meals...way cool!