Rescue Journal

i think it was a good day...i am not quite sure.

Carol  ·  May 2, 2007

almost six pm but everything got done, thx to deb doing the barn guys and eva the rabbits. i am worrying more and more about my return to 8 hours shifts, altho there is little point in worrying, i will just deal with it when i get there i suppose.

jesse has finally fully turned the corner and is back on the road to recovery, whew! i was thinking we were going to be losing her this time so i am really happy that she decided to stay.

the stray cat that was hanging around my old house was finally caught and taken to the vet for vaccines, neuter and testing. i was feeling a bit guilty because while he is very sketchy, and a bit wild, he certainly isn't a senior.i didn't want to call one of the other, more appropriate for him cat rescues cuz i hate unloading animals on to others, and i try really hard not too. but the poor guy has tested positive to FIV. sooooo...that makes him special needs. saints welcomes "monty" and we hope he settles and is eventually very happy here. i will pick him up from the vets tomorrow.

the little mega-colon cat is on her way, sorry i keep forgetting her name because it is odd. nicole will pick her up and bring her to saints tomorrow as well. and nicole i think i lied to you, i am not working again until saturday. you can come out whatever time you want to on thursday.

the dogs had a blast with deb at the pond this afternoon. and dexter is ready for more of the same yet again. phoebe was like a dog possessed or something, gosh sometimes she is an absolute head case and acts like she is totally insane. she was having fun tho, it was just hard to tell with all of snarling and leaping around, but that was fun in phebers twisted, red whirling way.

my ankle feels like crap tonight, so my plan is to hit the couch and ignore everything unless the roof caves in, and maybe even that as long as i am not directly underneath.



lol...i put everyone in their stalls before i put out their food...everyone has a different way deb. when you find one that works for you, it sticks.

the warm late afternoon sunshine really was a special gift....sigh, and then the scary thunder and dog freak outs started but i got them all settled and oblivious pretty darn quick. whew again.


Dexter may look like Dead Dog Walking, but inside, that boy is a puppy, always ready to play, never ready for the game to end. When I think of SAINTS, it's Dexter I see in my mind's eye, beautiful old face, knobby, skinny, wrecked old body that is betraying him.

How many times does one need to put the barn guys to bed before one has the routine figured out? I dunno, I guess you'd better ask Mo, cause I haven't gotten it down yet. Food goes into stalls before critters, Deb. Critters go into paddock before dogs go to the pond , Deb. Duh. Ellie was pissed because I got her into her stall without feeding her first, and she thinks I pulled one over on her.

Best moment of the afternoon? I was in the barn, listening to the rain pouring down, and then, when I opened the barn door, the rain stopped and there was brilliant sunshine. Welcome to Mission.