Rescue Journal

pippa passed at 7:15 tonight

Carol  ·  May 2, 2007

she had slipped into a coma and johanna took her to the vet to help her finish her journey in peace. pippa would have been 17 years old on the 17th of this month. she visited her old mom earlier today and died in the arms of her new mom tonight. pippa is one of the few who was able to merge her past and her present lives into a wonderful gift just for her. she has a big heart to share.

rest in peace little phyllis dillar dog, hugs and eternal thanks to johanna for making this tiny little dog's dreams come true.



Johanna, I'm so very sorry for your and Milo and Eileen's loss of Pippa.

What a wonderous world we live in that you all found each other again. Everyone was blessed with that miracle.

Take care of your heart.


Be kind with your broken heart, Johanna. My thoughts are with you, Eileen, and Pippa's "other" family. She was a much loved dog.


Run free Pippa. I am so very glad you had these last months with Johanna and once again had the opportunity to enrich Eileen's life too.

Johanna, thank you so much for giving Pippa such a wonderful home for the end of her earthly journey. She was a very special little dog.


I was so saddened to hear of Pippa's passing just now. Johanna I am so glad she found you and was able to see Eileen on a constant basis. I came to Mission from Saskatchewan last fall and wanted to adopt her so bad but knew that it would not be possible because of my home situation. Then, when I heard that you had found her and that she would be with her "momma" again I knew why it didn't work out for me. Her eventual fate was much better than what I could have given her. I still have a picture of her little face on my cell phone that I took in the hotel room that we shared when I went to visit her. I am so sad that she has passed but glad that she had some good months with you and a LOT of good time at SAINTS! So many loved that little girl! Take care Johanna - I know you will miss her.


Thank you everyone for your kind words about Pippa. it was a miracle tht she founds such a good home with all the wonderful people at Saints and that our paths crossed again after so many years. She was a very special little dog in so many ways. She won my heart and I really miss her.



So sorry to read this, hugs to you Johanna, it was such a fairy tale ending when Pippa found you again .

go softly Pippa you will be remembered by many.


i'm so sorry for your loss Johanna, but thankfully she went peacefully and was able to have you there with her.
The first time I was driving her out to SAINTS for a 'holiday' she stood for the over hour long ride. I kept trying to convince her she should lie down, she's an old dog and she looked tiring standing there. After about an hour of driving from downtown vancouver she started to bark, more of a yelling bark. I didn't even know she could bark. and it kept going for 5 minutes, I thought 'oh dear, she's really lost it now, she's barking at nothing.' I was very wrong. Smart little Pippa finally gave up trying to tell me and had a little pee on her blanket.
I'm so happy you were able to take her in and love her and give both her and Eileen more time together.


Thank you so much, Carol, for your kind words. Pippa passed very peacefully. It was her time !! She is now waiting for Eileen at the Rainbow Bridge,and as Eileen is 95, I don't think Pippa will be waiting very long.

It was very difficult telling Eileen that she would never see her beloved Pippa again and it was a very sad and tearful parting. I explained to Eileen how very sick Pippa was and how we didn't want to see her suffer. Eileen agreed, but I'm not sure if she will remember, so to-morrow I'll take her Michael and we'll talk about Pippa.

The house seems empty without my little Pippa. Her little diaper pants are still drying on the fireplace. Although she was tiny, she had a large presence. Milo, my very sensitive Jack Russell has been extremely upset these last couple of days when Pippa has been so ill. To-day, he was literally shaking !! Since I came home, he has been looking for Pippa and has not left my side.

The next few days will be very hard. I just wish I could have had Pippa for a little longer. She was such a lovely little sweet natured different from the feisty terriers that I have usually rescue.

Thank you everyone for you kind thoughts for Pippa. I felt very privileged to have had her, even for such a short time.

Good night Sweet Pippa !! Sleep well !!

Your second mother who loved you very much.


P.S. Pippa is having a private cremation and Carol has said that I can scatter some of her ashes at Saints and I'll see if EIleen and her family would like to scatter some also

Chris T

I am so sorry to hear this. Rest quietly Pippa. Johanna take care of yourself.


Goodbye you funny little old girl. From the moment I laid eyes on you, you became Phyllis Diller Dog to me. For such a tiny little creature, you touched many lives. I'm glad you were able to complete your journey and make it back to your first mom.
Rest well, wee Pippa. You deserve to be at peace.


Rest in Peace dear Pippa. What a lucky girl to have so many people who loved you.