Rescue Journal

normal or nice?

Carol  ·  May 4, 2007

is it normal.....

to have a cat living under your bathroom sink?

is it normal to open a cupboard in the kitchen and find another?

is it normal to accuse one of your dogs of being lazy and cheating and cutting corners off our evening field excerise walks?

is it normal to love a giant, pink, baby dinasuar pig, and think her temper tantrums are cute?

is it normal to be jealous of a baby calf's oh so lovely and long eye lashes?

is it normal to have debates with demanding prima donna's with fur and actually think you can win?

is it normal to worship a grumpy, ancient and twisted old troll who leaks on your kitchen floor?

is it normal that the newest love of your life is a tiny turtle-foot hobbit wearing a sweater vest?

and is it normal to have to use a sticky lint roller brush to clean off your pillows before bedtime each night?

i don't think it is actually normal, but still, it is all rather nice.

i love these guys, not normal and still so very nice.

(but that is only because this morning they are all being good and no one is actually pissing me off yet)



you are very welcome angelina, molly was waiting to find someone to love her like you do.


the thing about normal is that it is different for everyone. something you think is normal may be way outside the bounds of someone elses normal. you will never fit in cause "fitting in" will be differnt so why try! just live life the way you feel is good!

ps. molly is so fun to play with. she will roll on her back and swat at my hand and then do circles while being chased by my hand. she is such a very good girl. i totally love this little dog. thanx so much carol!!!!

Chris T

Carol - I think you can safely assume that there is *nothing* normal about your life!!! LOL