Rescue Journal

there is no nice way to say this....chicklet is possessed.

Carol  ·  May 6, 2007

she is so good and sweet and funny 90% of the time and then she throws her "i am insane" switch. today she attacked both lucy, a 90 pound goldie (on her very first visit here) and 60 pound trev who was happy to stop by (but might not be now cuz running from an insane mosquito is hard when you only have three legs) i watched that snarling, screaming, 5 pounds of furball chasing him around and leaping to latch onto his tail. and since i have seen her several times lately pull the same kind of crap with the cats and with jack (but not quite so intense), it is hard to pretend that she is just playing and being cute when in actual fact the devil incarnate has taken over the tiny dog.

she is currently asleep in her basket with her silly red sweater, the tip of her tongue is sticking out a good inch. gosh she is cute as can be. but good lord in heaven when the chicklet awakes we all hold our breath to see who is there. i have started to call her sybil lately because i think she might be harbouring an extra personality or two. who would have thought that jeckle and hyde could both fit in a 5 pound dog, there can't be enough room in there for two.

ohhh johanna?...i have found mighty mouse's twin sister.



your guys would be is jack's demented musimgs in front of the food bowl when she is waiting her turn or cats walking across the floor or strange canine intruders that enrage her and cause her to lose her mind.
she doesn't bark much unless she really wants something and it is stubbornly not forthcoming.if you give her what she wants, she is happy as a clam.


Don't count on not being bitten after the dental. I spent over $2,000 on Benson's teeth and even when he had only 3 teeth left in his head, his gums could still give quite a nip !!!

Do you think that Chicklet would get along with my two? Also is she barky? Michael and Milo both think they own the world and let the world know it in very vocal terms!!!!



I love watching her having a party all by herself on one of the big dog beds.. she's a character all right , one who has found a spot in my heart.. to know her, is to love her .. kidda like Phoebe..but not as bad .. :-}


she is a spoiled rotten despot in a size five suit. she is not the least bit dangerous and she would never bite a human. and if she might actually bite an animal, she doesn't have many teeth to bite them with and will have even less once she has her dental.
she is a fiesty tiny bad-ass big girl who don't take no shit from no one. she is actually quite a hoot. she is a machine gun toting gum chewing chicklet who mostly is really quite nice...until she has an "i own the world" moment and then the rest of the world just better take note.
i like her alot!


Oh dear Carol how awful for you !!

However,the difference is that Mighty Mouse (Benson) was the dog from hell 90% of the time and behaved himself 10% of the time. I loved him dearly and was devastated by his horrible death but I still have a few scars from when used to bite me !!

I wonder what gives with Chicklet...mind you I constantly wondered what went on in Benson's mind (I sometimes questioned if he had one !!)

What a shame ! I was thinking that perhaps Chicklet would be a new elderly little sister for Milo.

Chicklet seems very different from my darling little Pippa.

Like Cris, I too would wonder what her background is. Do we know what triggers her crazy behaviour?