Rescue Journal

i am wasting time right now

Carol  ·  May 7, 2007

well, they all got fed, i am half way thru the house cleaning, the dogs had a run and and a swim. sarah and i had a warm and fuzzy sunshine filled moment with the pig, calf and dogs on the hill. percy just wouldn't stop licking my face. gosh that baby has a scratchy tongue! i still have the 2 dog rooms and the 2 cats in cages to do, the laundry is sort of out of control. the yards need pooping and scooping and one more dog field run plus barn guys to put to bed. the bunnies were done by cathie, john and eva so they are good for the night. i shouldn't have sat down cuz now i don't want to get up, you'd think i would learn.

sarah brought a bunch of donations apparently her work place filled a canoe! i will have to figure out a place to put it all but that is a good thing cuz it means our stores are quite healthy right now which is much better than when they are slim.

ok carol, quit procrastinating and get your butt back in gear!



Just to let Carol and everyone at Saints know that I have just carried little Pippa home. She is sleeping peacefully on the mantlepiece and Milo is sitting sadly looking up at her tiny urn.

This summer when I sprinkle Pippa's ashes at Saints, I would like to hold her 17th birthday party (her 17th birthday would have been May 17th.) The birthday party that she almost but never had ! I'll bring some pizza which she loved and some of her favourite foods (all human !!! although she did like Caesar Filet Mignon for breakfast) I'll bring some wine and we can toast Pippa's long and very happy life. It will be a wonderful way for all the people who loved her at Saints to say good-bye.