Rescue Journal

a simple but nice day today.

Carol  ·  May 8, 2007

it was a fun day today. work went well and when i got home things got even better. i had run thru the car wash and was unloading all the crates and food out of my car when cathie, john and eva got a peek inside. that poor car has not been cleaned since before i broke my ankle 5 months ago. it is gross under the best of circumstances. i make time to clean everything except my car. anyway, the three of them went nuts, cleaned it all out, vacuumed out months of hay hauls, months of mcdonalds bags ...i am fast foods single greatest fact the joke at work was when my friends and co-oworkers take pity and feed me, they should put my dinner ina paper drive thru bag or i probably won't recognise it as a food item. i am famous in so many not so flattering ways, sigh.

anyway the three car detailers had fun bugging me and i had fun bugging them right back, but i pooped and scooped instead cuz i like doing that better than cleaning my car. but, holy smoke is my car looking good tonight! i am going to show it to everyone at work tomorrow so they can be properly impressed that my car actually looks NORMAL!

greg's mom and dad were here visiting greg and checking out his new shop. i think his mom enjoyed ellie's dinner time temper tantrum just as much as me!

mo came on out and brought her little orange marcus. he is going in for his neuter tomorrow and i am dropping him off on my way to work. OMG he is cute. i want to keep him. how come i never get really cute little kitten old cats? gosh i miss the babes. he is currently stuck in another cage on top of monty's. he would like out and has told me this is in at least 150 different ways, what a sweetie pie. and yes mo i did start his fasting, right on the stroke of 9 pm and he is not happy about that either cuz he thought i was opening the cage to let him out and i didn't.

we took the dogs for a quick tour around the fields but had to come back a bit early cuz chicklet ended up on the wrong side of the pond. mo thought she was lost and lonely, with her half off little red sweater (she is a perpetual stripper), wandering helplessly alone. but mo was wrong, i know that little monster was quite happily doing her own little old thing and didn't give a hoot about what we were up to, she was busily taking care of her own business and thought our business was too boring to see. i told mo that chicky is a bowery boy (brass knuckles and a switch blade in the pocket of her deceivingly innocent red turtle neck sweater) and mo had never heard of the bowery boys. is this like an across the border canadian childhood deprivation thing? cuz american kids in the 60's and 70's all knew who they were. sheesh, the bowery boys were like an institution!

tom obviously missed me today, i spent very little time with him til this evening. once he got into my arms, there was no way he was getting out of them again. it is really hard to two finger type with a hobbit in your arms.

chicklet just got sent to the kitchen, she was flipping out at monty over his food thru the door of his cage. like she thinks screaming at him is going to make him open the door and invite her in. she is currently grumbling at me and trying to climb the wire door to get back into the cat room, not likely. bad dogs in kitchen chicky-poo, good dogs in cat rules to this game, and quit scaring the cats.

ah well bath and bed, my two most favorite places to be.



LOL - that'll teach me to trust Wikipedia to tell me what is memorable about a name! No mention there of it being a TV show. I didn't have a TV when I was growing up, so never watched any of those shows. I see from that it was a series that ran for nearly 20 years! Yikes - how could we have not heard of them?

Carol, did you know you can now get the collection on DVD from Boys of the Bowery: East Side Kids Collection .


wrong bowery boys folks...the ones i am talking about were a series of black and white B movies similar in comedic content to "spanky and our gang" only with tough but lovable not so bright street teens, there was mugsy and his side kick with the big nose and ears whose name escapes me in this menopausal moment. i watched them every sunday morning instead of going to church (my dad said i was old enough to make up my own mind, and my mind wanted to watch old movies on TV.)

oh and i will check on true tomorrow, i lost track of time today and the clinic and pound were closed.


Mo, I vaguely recall hearing the name "Bowery Boys" but didn't have a clue who they were - had to search the net. New York, 1800s, immortalized on film in the late 1940s, and again in the "Gangs of New York" film more recently. Part of American culture.

Charley was at the vet's today when True the boxer from Mission Animal Control was in for her surgery - have you heard how it went, Carol? I met True last weekend - lovely dog. What a looker - beautiful markings! A calico boxer! LOL


Yea Marcus was none too pleased about a carrier ride either, so tomorrow morning you may want ear plugs... sorry. I'm curious also..who else out there knows the Bowery Boys ?

BTW , I prefer poop & scoop over car cleaning .. hands down, which is painfully obvious