Rescue Journal

sick day 2 1/2

Carol  ·  May 12, 2007

has anyone booked my euth yet???

pepper is here...sweet little dog, he is a younger, fatter version of tom but just as needy.

i convinced the mom of the 15 year old cats that she really didn't want to give them away so for now they are keeping their home,

chicky and phebers are becoming quite the pair, phoebe can't believe someone actually wants to play with her. i think deep down i knew chicky wasn't all there, ahhh well cute and personality plus are almost as good as a brain.

sooo. my question for the day:

i have so far taken half a box of both gravol and immodium and not eaten anything in two days and slept on and off for like 30 hours....any suggestions on how i feel better cuz if i don't get euth'd i really want to come to the fundraiser tonight?

oh! and update on maude...the preliminary pathology report states malignancy but with healthy tissue margins all around the sample. this means they probably got it all. which is very, very good news.



Also if you have any Nux it will rid your body of toxins ..take three every four hours - four times