Rescue Journal

a huge thank you

Nicole  ·  May 13, 2007

just wanted to say a huge thank you to the many people who came out last night and made the evening a success.
Thanks to my super co-organizers Sheila, Maureen and Erica - we spend more time in the pub not talking about the auction than we did talking about it.
Also I must say I have been amazingly blessed with wonderful family and friends. My parents saved my ass many times over the last few weeks and yesterday. My dad transported most of the items and food. And my mother and her friends May, Letty and Eva helped in the kitchen. Also Leila and Sabia, who came as a guest, helped wonderfully in the kitchen. My brother, Lee, and his wife, Rachel, also helped tons with the food and takedown. And I can't not thank my friend Newry enough who was the bartender and did a great job.
And a huge thank you to Meghann who helped me set up all the tables and chairs yesterday and is probably paying for it today. Also her wonderful husband Jaason who took photos last night and helped with the takedown. (We should have the photos up this week).
And the three sets of entertainment were great. A special thanks to Joyce, Simone, Stacey, Neil, Brian, Ian and Lindsay - You are all amazingly talented.
And I can't not thank Chris and Angelina who I'm pretty sure bid on almost everything and started many bidding wars (and won many too!)

I have to say my favourite part of the evening was when it was over and Carol came by my place and got to see Honey who she hadn't seen in almost 9 months (crazy how time flies).


Chris T

Nicole - you did an amazing job. You are very talented and SAINTS is very lucky to have you!!

It was fun bidding on things. I did give up on a few items though!