Rescue Journal

those defining moments

Carol  ·  May 13, 2007

when all of a sudden for a brief moment in time you feel that cosmic Ahhhh, right thru to your soul. that came to me last evening, during the fundraiser when we were all transfixed during the video of the saints that nicole had made. i felt the tears joining mine, i felt a room full of my laughter, and i heard many voices joining mine as we spoke out their names aloud. moses, and cedric, and wee hopeful bug and phil were all still alive, michael and dexter and ellie and spritely became real. and all of them, were there with us in that moment. i knew for that very brief moment exactly what we had done. that was one of those gifts of a lifetime, thank you nicole.

i cannot say how utterly grateful i am to everyone who worked so very hard on this fundraiser. nor how proud i am that nicole belongs to us. she gave all of herself to the saints in these last few weeks of headaches, and all of herself was another incredible gift.

saints exists and survives because of the people who love us, from our volunteers to the ones who support us as much as they can. and last night for me was a chance to see this all brought together into one place, into one heart, the heart that truly loves our saints.

everyone needs these moments in time to renew them and make them remember why we are here. i didn't realize that my cup has been running empty but now it is full once again.

thank you to every single human who participated and shared in the gift of this moment. and thank you to every single animal who hides that gift inside them for us to share.



That was fun and a class act for such worthy Saints!! Well done everyone!!