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The SAINTS Dog's are hosting their first annual "Brown Bag: Watch the Green Grass Grow" Picnic"

Carol  ·  May 14, 2007

When: Saturday, May 19th 2007

More When: 1 pm

Where: the SAINTS upper pasture.

How: bring a blanket, a cold, drink, a brown bag lunch (with extra to share with your hosts because yes they will be enthusiastically hosting) and be prepared to have a great afternoon.

Who: new and old friends and any who want to be either, are cordially invited.

Why: because the dogs said so.

(the dogs asked me to tell you that they like peanut butter and jam or cheese sandwiches the best...oh, and cole likes carrot sticks)

if it is raining we will postpone for a different day but the dogs have asked for sunshine and they generally get whatever they want.



Whaaaa , someone just told me that it was going to start to rain on Thursday ... fingers crossed that they are wrong.. I want a picnic !!!


I'm there! Actually WE are there....My son and oh so sweet DIL are going to take me to a late Mum's day lunch, and I saw your blog and requested it be on the upper pasture at SAINTS. According to yahoo weather it should be a nice day!

Can't think of a better venue....