Rescue Journal

i had to help little tom...

Carol  ·  May 16, 2007

finish his determined climb into the cat box. i know i shouldn't help him cuz it really isn't such a great place for him to visit, but he really, really was trying so hard cuz he really, really wanted in there, so i did. he dug around for a bit, but couldn't find any treats cuz it was clean. he looked pretty disappointed when he got out and toddled over here for a cuddle instead. he is sitting on my lap, licking my hand. he is such a good little guy.

i finally turned on sissy and buddy's fireplace. i am not letting them have it on til after dark. they don't really appreciate my energy conservation attempts and think i am just being mean.

eva thinks i am insane. we had a good hearted argument on the phone over the supposed pregnancy of the guinea pigs. she thinks those tiny boy babes re-impregnated their moms before they were adopted out at 8 weeks of age. i think those girls are simply freaking fat from all of the carrots and apples they eat. we have a lunch at rocko's riding on who is right. and i am already running thru the menu of free lunches in my brain. remind me at the end of may (which is the deadline she set, which is like a 4 month pregnancy that should be 70 some odd days) that she owes me lunch.

have i said recently that i adore my new cat hook. he is like the greatest cat in the world and i cannot believe no one in saskatchewan adopted him while they could.

and i would like to lodge a complaint that melissa was voted off of idol. have the voters lost the ability to hear? she is has a voice that sings right thru your soul. i will be buying her first CD.

my sad duty tomorrow is to go and meet with the vet and discuss if we have hit the end of the road with jesse, cuz i think we truly have. she is still on the meds from her last terrible bout and they are starting not to work anymore too. i have racked my brain for more options and i am hoping the vet will pull one out of her sleeve but i think it maybe won't happen. well... we will have to see what she says and keep hope alive until it is gone. jesse is a really nice cat, and she has been with me for almost five years.



we use lysine every day and have since she came in, it helps the other cats in the sick room fight off her viral loads...she is a chronic URI cat/diabetic. over the years of chronic use she has built up resistence to all the Abx's (she continually has secondary infections from the URI) undoubtably this last one was the absolute worst. i didn't think we would be able to kick it back but we did enough for her to feel somewhat better but literally, she was on 4 different Abx's for almost a month plus we shifted around a combo of 4 different steriods/abx ointments and drops in order to save her eye before we found one that worked. to see her slipping into sick again while she is still on the oral abx's that were helping her last week is so disheartening.


I think it sucks that Melissa was voted off as well. I was shocked, she has an awesome voice.

Hope Jesse is comfortable, I'm sorry she's not well Carol. Is it an Intestinal thing or a Resp. thing. If it's like an URI we were talking at a training session I attended a short while ago about using Lysine, have you ever done it? They said it's better to use before the infection, as it's more effective but afterwards will help to. I've never actually used it but I thought the information was interesting as URI is something that we deal with in our Shelter from time to time. See you shortly Carol, take care, Rae