Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  May 16, 2007

i do believe this is the very first morning that i can remember for many years that the floors are poop-free. i am not too excited tho cuz the puddles were here to greet me as usual. and nudge, the cat with mega colon, didn't poop in her night time box either for the first time in many days, and that just starts me worrying again. it is an odd sort of life with such a primary focus on body waste.

tom peed on my bed, sometime during the night (he missed me completely thank gawd!) and gee his urine has a stong odd kind of burnt match sticks or something equally wierd. i guess i better collect up a sample and get it check just in case. and i am a bit pissed at mango the moron, who i thought just jumped up on the computer to say hello, but was in fact spraying my CD's a mere 4 inches away. little toad! mango is not sick or senior, he is just a cat with bad manners.

today is my friday which is a really good thing cuz my thursday quite frankly sucked. i was in a bad mood at work yesterday, first from the pain in my ankle which unusually was really quite sore. but mostly from a stupid brainless and vicious bee that flew in my car window and stung me just below my eye. i couldn't help the swearing or slamming on my brakes and i was lucky the other drivers were kind enough to swerve around me. if that bee had been responsible for my death i swear i would have been even madder. haven't they anything better to do than highjacking humans who are busy doing their jobs? i have just added bees to my list of only 4 actively disliked creatures, fleas, flies, mosquitos and parasites...and because of one stupid bee with an attitude, my list has grown to five.

hoping for a bee-less day, and hoping for sunshine on brown-bag picnic day, altho the dogs said they are ok with still having it, even if it rains. (but then they roll in poop so thier opinion on this is invalid)