Rescue Journal

saints welcomes trisha and caro

Carol  ·  May 17, 2007

14 and 15 year old yorkie crosses (maybe pure, don't know, don't care). caro seems healthy and in pretty good shape. trisha has a massive and without a doubt malignant tumour on her mammory glands. they are getting our nicely renovated bathroom/hallway suite til they settle and i get a chance to get to know them. caro has the more positive outlook and is wanting me to sit with him alot (sorry babe, not done the work yet) trisha is quietly sad and waiting for this to all go away. i am sorry guys that it has come to this but we will try hard to make it ok for you, i promise.



thank you Thank you, Thank you Carol for finding room for both Trisha and Caro. I hope once they realize how wonderful you are and how safe they are they will relax and enjoy. I am sorry though I had no idea that Trisha's lumps were tumors, she landed there with you because no one can look after her better. I have a couple of pictures of Trisha and Caro that I will post on Brindle for those of you who would like a sneak preview of them. They are very cute, huge eyes!!!! And Carol, I know I have no more "Get out of Jail Free Cards" I won't send you anymore distress emails!!!!

Chris T

Welcome Trisha and Caro. You will be ok at SAINTS once you figure how to get treats from Carol!