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shift work

Carol  ·  May 17, 2007

shift work at saints is a little different than in nursing cuz it is a different kind of shift. instead of time, it involves space. the time for the work never really ends but spatially, we shift it around to create a better/more efficient use of space, decrease stress or make room for another or two.

the reason i had to turn that very large dog away yesterday is because while i might possibly have squeezed one more big dog into the big dog area if nothing was changing, i really can't since i am shifting tyra, lexie, and maude back into there. and that max's out that space. and the reason i have to shift them back into there is because the other areas are getting too full. i made a probably unpopular decision, and was already committed to accept two tiny extreme senior bonded dogs in order to prevent their being split apart into different rescues. they just lost their home after 15 years, they are not about to lose each other too.

oh, and nudge had a large poop again last night (i just cleaned her box) so at least i can stop worrying about her for today anyway. mega colon cats are a pain.

sooo, the shift work begins...tyra, lexie, and maude are getting shifted from the kitchen back into the dog room, bonnie, chicklet and wilbur are shifting over into the kitchen which eases up the overcrowding and the chaos on cats in the cat room with bonnie and chicklets charging around and wilburs blind irritation with jacks wandering everywhere, including wherever he happens to be trying to nap. and it makes space for the two new little old ones in the cat room too. but that is it. i have shifted the house to the point of no more shifting and this will ensure that each area is reasonably balanced. so now i just have to get the dogs to agree and not to complain too much about this new shifting around. shift work is literally alot of added work and stress for me but mostly for them, all of them like the kitchen and the cat room best. i should get greg to build me a carport in the yard to house my computer, tv, bed and the fridge. then i would be out there most of the time and they could all hang out with me happily in the grass, close to their most favorite and the fridge.

ok, so along with shifting bodies, comes shifting beds and stores. and while i am at it, i might as well "clarify" the areas...which means organizing, de-junking and making them work with comfort and efficiency as the main goals. sounds like a crap load of work.

i have tried to avoid putting the message that we are full and no longer accepting admissions on the voice mail. i hate putting it on there just in case someone is completely and totally at risk for euthanization and that message is what does them in. but after yesterdays call, i need it on there. i am truly tired of trying to explain the difference between an animal with a human to fight for them and one who is alone without any help from anywhere. so, the message is clear "saints is full and not taking any new admissions." maybe that will cut me some slack of a bit until things ease up a bit around here...i hope.



she was happy enough in there while she was in heat, i didn't see her for almost 2 weeks!

anyway we can lay bets if she even makes it into there, she is currently asleep in the kitchen.
just because i say i am shifting them around, does not necessarily mean they all agree and actually get shifted.

but the plan is a good one!


Maudie is going to be veeeeery unhappy in the big dog room. How can she be velcro dog if there are doors between you?

Chris T

Iam glad you are taking the little yorkies! I am sure they will be great SAINTS!


yes but that is just cats and dogs right I mean it doenst' include pigs does it ?? lol Ducking...

I read about those little ones on Brindle .. I am sure all your charges will udnerstnad and will also be making room for them.