Rescue Journal

another tough day.

Carol  ·  May 19, 2007

it was a tough day emotionally for me today. nancy from new west pound brought out a very sad little dog. she is a partially blind poodle who is 15 years old and was running at large. she was found by a kind woman and brought home for the night and she is anxious and a bit demented so she accidently squeezed thru the slats of the upper deck in trying to escape. she fell 15 feet onto the cement. the woman panicked and called animal control, they came and got her and took her to the vet. while she has some signifcant pain issues, he didn't think anything was broken. the staff found her family who said that she belonged to a lady who died 3 years ago and she was staying with them, but they didn't really want her so he surrendered her to the pound.

soooo...sweet pea is here now. i am not sure if her moaning and crying are from pain or dementia or both. i called the vet and started her on tramadol, metacam and rescue remedy and she is still very upset. her tail looks obviously broken to me and i am not sure about her leg, my vet said that at her age, it is probably best to let it heal on it's own. and it is hurting me badly to see her distressed. she is currently sleeping in a warm and soft, quilt filled crate, she continues to moan while she is sleeping and that is bothering me the most. in another hour, i will repeat the tramadol and the rescue remedy, and i will dose her with the rescue remedy through out the night. and please god by tomorrow morning, let them have stacked up enough in her system so she feels better than she does tonight.

i also started trisha on tramadol and she is starting to feel better now. both she and caro have wandered into the kitchen periodically to see what is happening in there. gosh they are sweet and gentle little dogs!

tyra's ear is still not great. she has gotten into the pond a few times this week. the vet said i have to make more time for her and apply hot compresses several times a day. sorry babe, i suck.

i bought ellie and percy some bright colored balls and we had fun playing soccor together. percy was playing the bucking bronco and starting to worry me that i might get hurt. i told ellie to tell him to be careful and not hurt my still sore foot. so she bit him in the nose and he settled down and ellie is a very good pig.

i had to put nutty chicklet in the xpen for awhile to cool off today. there are 3 new dogs here plus trevor came to visit and sadly it drove her insane. but gosh she is funny and cute when she is going to kick someone's butt. and the funniest thing is she likes it, you can tell she is having a blast. i love chicklet. she is a tiger dressed up like a lamb.



Hi Carol,

I'm still in Oz but I read about poor little Sweet Pea.

That is so sad !! Poor little thing !! I would be happy to give her a home if you think it would be good for her. Is she something like my little Pippa ?

Well done Sheila, Nicole and everyone who worked so hard at the Silent Auction.

I hope this goes through as my previous one did not.

Anyway, Carol if you think this would work for Sweet Pea, I'll be back on May 27th.




Hi, Carol,

I'm still in Oz but I read about the little poodle. That is so sad. Poor little thing !!! I would be happy to give her a home when I get back, if you think it would be good for her. I had never had a poodle until I got Pippa and I have fallen in love with the breed. They are so different from my usual feisty terriers.

Anyway, if you think it would be a good move for her, we can talk more about it after I get back on May 27th.

Hope all is well with you and with everyone at Saints. So glad to hear that the Silent Auction went so well. Well done Sheila and Nicole and everyone who was involved. Congratulations on such a success.