Rescue Journal

sweet pea won't eat...most things

Carol  ·  May 21, 2007

she won't eat any kind of wet or dry food. she won't eat cheese, or anything else i have around here. but she did eat some of a timmy's donut yesterday and part of an ice cream sandwich today. i even cooked cheese/spinach pasta with shrimp and an alfredo sauce tonight, and she wouldn't eat that either.

good lord, can i actually just feed her donuts and ice cream? sounds good to me too, but it can't possibly be healthy.

she is for a drop off at the vet tomorrow. i bet she is upset.

chris and deb?...i have clients to see til 9 pm...if i can't get her on my break to bring her home, can you get her at the end of the day and i will pick her up at your place when my shift is over?



ok then.... little beast...i just spent my lunch break in the petfood store looking for donuts in a can!...i did find berry cobbler and pumpkin something or other and a couple of other desserts for dogs in a can...who'd have thought?!


Today, Sweet Pea ate canned food like the rest of them. She needs it in very small pieces.