Rescue Journal

i have a permanent headache

Carol  ·  May 22, 2007

too bad some of the animals don't have one too. we are turning into a geriatric brothel and i don't like it very much.

jack is not spayed because when we tried to put her under anasthetic for spay and tumour removal, she crashed. but jack is so old and wrecked that being not spayed is really not an issue any more. except the resulting mammary cancer will kill her.

tom is not neutered, at 18 years old, we just are not going to risk it, if testicular cancer does him in, so be it, it is too late for tom to stop that, but chicklet at 10 is not fixed yet either cuz we were waiting for her skin to clear up first. but...since she is so interested in bugging poor tom and trying to get him to play hanky panky with her. i guess we had better just get her in to the vets and worry about her skin problems later.

sweet pea isn't spayed and at sixteen she really doesn't care about having a fling and she is too frail to to want to play, but that little newbie caro at 14 is not neutered and he thinks sweet pea is pretty darn interesting. don't think we will risk sweet pea in surgery since she is half way to dementia but i guess caro is perky enough to take the chance since he can prance pretty well around the girls. and there is no need for him to kick the bucket from something easily prevented with a snip. now caro's friend trisha was spayed a few years ago, but not soon enough to prevent her own mammary cancer. too little too late sometimes.

so...i better make appointments for both caro and chicklet because even tho they are old, they are not dead. and like some of the others death for them is not hovering closely around the next corner (unless we leave them to develop reproductive cancers). certainly their libido's are healthy enough right now which is why i have a permanent headache.

i thought we were done with this crap with maude's fix, apparently not. this should not be an issue for senior rescue.

for all those people who don't fix your pets, for whatever justification you find....have mercy on their eventual rescue. the surgeries are risky and very expensive for the seniors and if you had done them when they were young, maybe it would have made you a better home. and maybe like jack and trisha, they wouldn't be sick for a stupid reason.

jackie and sweet pea have been bred to death...i wonder how much money these two little dogs made for those homes that didn't last....i bet it was enough for a spay.